The Backstory to Great Radio Storytelling, hosted by Rob Rosenthal, for Transom and PRX.

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The Hidden Work Of An Associate Producer

Who are all those people at the end of an episode of Reply All, given credit for putting it together? One of them is Jessica Yung. She's an Associate Producer. On this episode of HowSound we shine a light on Jessica's hidden work as an AP.



First, Tell Them An Anecdote

When you have guests as famous and interesting at Tan France, Ramy Youseff, Wazina Zondon, Ryan Harris, and Alia Shawkat, why does the host of Tell Them I Am start each episode talking about herself? Misha Euceph has the answer.



When The Going Gets Tough, Keep Asking Questions

NPR reporter Uri Berliner breaks from his usual approach to storytelling and finds interviewing his dad about growing up in Berlin in the 1930s to be incredibly difficult and rewarding.


 11 June 2019  14m

Some Fav And Not-So-Fav Sounds

Sewage pipes, a radio crime, and sound designing inner thoughts.... Must be another episode of Rob's fav sounds but this time with a twist -- a sound that annoyed Rob to no end. Clips from BBC 3 and Nathanial Mann, Bodies by KCRW,


 29 May 2019  18m

Getting Inside Someone Else’s Skin

Mirrors, reindeers, and grave digging. Must be an episode about Cathy Fitzgerald and her distinctive approach to interviewing.


 14 May 2019  24m

Eight Things I Like About 10 Things That Scare Me

On this episode, the convention-busting production choices of "10 Things That Scare Me."


 30 April 2019  11m


Sometimes, there's just too much good work to feature on HowSound. To solve the problem, from time to time I feature a slew of ear-catching clips on one episode. On this episode, work from Believed, 99% Invisible, This American Life, and Threshold.


 16 April 2019  17m

How Sruthi Tracks

At a school where I taught radio, in the mic booth, there was a photo of Studs Terkel hanging on the wall. Under it, someone wrote “Talk to Studs.” The picture was there to help with tracking. Narration will sound more conversational if you pretend you...


 02 April 2019  15m

An Editor’s Fingerprints

Since 2009, Julia Barton's edited a lot of radio and podcasts you probably listen to including Revisionist History. On this HowSound, Julia talks shop about her approach to editing.


 19 March 2019  20m

All The Sound We Can Not Hear

Jeff Emtmen pulled an audio slight of hand in an episode of Hear Be Monsters about Mexican free-tail bats. It's a delight to listen to. To understand Jeff's magic, Rob offers a primer on sound and hearing.


 05 March 2019  12m

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