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Weekly teachings from Highland Heights Baptist Church. Please join us in person! For more information, go to http://www.highlandonline.org


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Colossians - Part 10 - The Work of JESUS in Us

Once we were all dead in our sins, but because of God’s Great Mercy, He has given us New Life through His Son Jesus Christ. In this sermon, we see we are buried with Jesus in his baptism and raised with Him through our faith! This means we are...


 12 April 2015  45m

Benefits of the Resurrection - Easter 2015

There are many benefits to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ! In this sermon, we explore three of those benefits listed by Peter in His first epistle. Because of God’s Great Mercy, we have been given New Life, a Living Hope and an Inheritance...


 08 April 2015  56m

Colossians - Part 8 - Paul, The Minister to the Gentiles

Paul is considered the minister to the Gentiles as God commissioned him to preach the truth of the Gospel to those outside the Jewish nation. Paul faced three types of sufferings as he ministered…His identification with Jesus, His ministry to...


 08 March 2015  54m

Colossians - Part 7 - We are Holy, Righteous & Redeemed

Can you believe it? Because of the death of Jesus, He is able to presents us to God as Holy, without blemish, and free from accusation. All of our guilt, shame and past have been forgiven and the slate wiped clean. Though this is true, we still deal...


 01 March 2015  47m

Colossians - Part 6 - Creator & Sustainer of All Things

In this sermon we look at the Great Rescue that Jesus did through His blood! He has redeemed us and forgiven us of ALL sin. We take a close look what redemption means and we are truly delivered from. Also, we look at Jesus’ supremacy and why He...


 22 February 2015  43m

 15 February 2015  48m

 08 February 2015  40m

 01 February 2015  53m

Colossians - Part 2 - The Preeminence of JESUS

 What does it mean for Jesus to be Preeminent over ALL? In this sermon we will explore the two areas of creation and salvation and why Jesus has ALL authority over everything we know to exist. Scripture teaches He is creator and sustainer of all...


 25 January 2015  40m

 18 January 2015  1h1m