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Colossians - Part 18 - Marriage: The Wife's Role

The word submission is not a popular word in our culture, but Paul instructs the wife to submit to her husband as to the Lord. What does this look like biblically, and in what ways should the wife support her husband? We look at 3 important areas that...


 21 June 2015  1h0m

Colossians - Part 17 - Marriage: The Husband's Role

As husbands, we sometimes find ourselves coasting through our marriage in default mode called passivity. Our role as men is to sacrifice, sanctify and satisfy our wives as we learn how to be servant leaders in our homes. The goal in marriage is to...


 14 June 2015  59m

Colossians - Part 16 - Marriage: The Spiritual Battle

As this Marriage and Family series begins, we first look at why marriage is so difficult. We look to Genesis 3 and find that the fall is the culprit to marriage difficulty! Shame, guilt and fear are a result of Adam and Eve's disobedience resulting in...


 07 June 2015  57m

 31 May 2015  53m

Senior Saints Recognition

Joshua charged the "older" generation in his day to be courageous to keep GOD's Word and cling to Him only as they finished taking possession of the Promised Land.  While living out the rest of our time as senior adults, we must avoid the...


 24 May 2015  50m

Highschool Graduate Recognition - Now What?

Many times in life, we come to a place where we ask ourselves the question, "Now what?" Perhaps it's graduation, marriage, a new baby, a new job, or just life. In this sermon, we take a look at a time when the disciples had a definite, "Now what?"...


 17 May 2015  38m

Colossians - Part 14 - Put Your Clothes On

As Paul instructs us to put to death the things in our earthly nature in verses 5-11, he now instructs us to clothe ourselves with the graces and virtues of the Christian life. He mentions compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience to...


 10 May 2015  43m

Colossians - Part 13 - Tap Out

The one thing we all have in common is that we all struggle with sin. In this sermon we look at the reality of the Gospel and what it provides to help us "Tap Out” sin in our lives. If we are not tapping sin out, it’s tapping us out....


 03 May 2015  1h8m

Colossians - Part 12 - A New Identity

At the point of our salvation, we took on a new identity in Christ JESUS. We were raised from death to life with Christ and we are also hidden in Christ. This new identity should shape the way we life our life each day. Text: Colossians 3:1-4


 26 April 2015  49m

Colossians - Part 11 - Abiding vs Legalism

In this sermon, Paul continues to deal with the false teachings that bring bondage and interferes with true worship. Food, annual celebrations and festivals were being imposed upon the Christian church to bring about more spirituality. Paul explains...


 19 April 2015  52m