High on the Hog The Potcast

A cannabis education podcast! Zagat editor and radio Host Merrill Shindler, Janice Hardoon owner of KTown Collective and CEO of Elevate CBD skincare and Joanna Belson, Executive Producer, activist mom and cannabis enthusiast, chat about all things THC, CBD and everything in between. Listen in each week to her new topics and meet amazing people in the cannabis industry.


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episode 46: E46: Using Cannabis to Get Clean & Sober with Karin Clark

Can you use cannabis to get clean & sober? Is it possible? Can THC and CBD actually help addicts kick alcohol, opioids and any number of other addictions? Is it safe? Is it swapping one addiction for another? We speak with Karin Clarke, certified...



What's the News?

with LA Weekly Cannabis Publisher Michael Miller



 08 November 2019  34m

episode 43: Are You A Cannas Sexual?

Ashley Manta


 22 October 2019  31m

episode 42: From Canada with Cannabis with Paul Rosen Founder and CEO of Pantry Food Company

Paul Rosen, Founder and CEO of Pantry Food Company


 15 October 2019  40m

episode 41: Come Together....with cannabis

Come Together...with Cannabis


 08 October 2019  31m

episode 40: Healing...the next level

Not long ago, doctors had written off Christopher Robin Hulliger, telling him to go home, and get his affairs in order, because his time was short. Chris was dying. But he refused to accept defeat. With just weeks left to live, he developed a new...


 02 October 2019  30m

episode 39: For the Children with Tracy Ryan

For the Children with Tracy Ryan


 24 September 2019  33m

episode 38: Healer Heal Thyself with Dr Robb Flannery

Dr. Robb Flannery is a PhD, who needed medical cannabis for a condition that nothing else was fixing. He was dying. And so, he used his medical, and his agricultural expertise, to create high quality strains of cannabis that healed. The result…Dr....


 17 September 2019  41m

episode 37: Holy Hemp

Holy Hemp


 09 September 2019  36m