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Join us every Monday as married duo Megan and Isaac jump into conversation about the strange, the bizarre and at times the down right creepy that is the paranormal world. Join us as we talk theories, personal experiences, researched material and other people’s experience stories. We cover topics such as aliens, ghosts, legends and lores, Cryptids and so much more! See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


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episode 54: Shadow Walker Part 3

This week's episode is diving back into Isaac's ability. Megan and Isaac both tell the perspective of one another, how Isaac approaches investigations using his ability and how the whole process of his abilities with removing dark entities. Make sure to go check out Shadow Walker Part 1, and Shadow Walker Part 2 to full get the idea of Isaac's abilities and how he uses his energy manipulation ability to approach investigations and to remove darker entities...



episode 53: The Sallie House

Impressions, Encounters, And Backstories



episode 52: Kids And The Paranormal

[Encounter Stories, Abilities, And Theories]



episode 51: The Cecil Hotel [Part 2: Investigations, Psychic Impressions, And Encounters]

After a week and a half of a hiatus we are back and this week diving back into the halls of the Cecil Hotel for some encounter stories, discussions about investigations and of psychic impressions! We go into an encounter story with a hotel security guard warning a man to take his kids away from the hotel due to spiritual unsafety, a couple of reviews going into the feelings and weirdness that some guests encountered before and after the incident with Elisa Lam, and our final theories on how...



episode 50: Guest Episode With The Unknown Paranormal

Diving back into our guest episodes we had the immense pleasure of interviewing a paranormal investigating team from Vancouver! This team of three [Mike, Phil, and Christie] gave amazing insight into their world of the paranormal and what they hope for the future of paranormal investigating. Isaac dives deep with them into different paranormal subjects including their spookiest encounters, what got them started, and what the view point of paranormal investigating in Vancouver is like...


 2022-07-06  56m

episode 49: The Cecil Hotel [Part 1: Backstory & Haunts]

In downtown Los Angelus lies one of the most intense hotels in America. With countless deaths, and a dark history that fades all the way back to 1934 we decided to tackle this location for the episode this week. On this week's episode we dive into Part 1 of this 2 part series where we discuss the backstories, the tragic history surrounding this hotel and our own theories...


 2022-06-30  1h0m

episode 48: Haunted Locations With A Pirate Backstory [Hammock House, Teach's Hole, And The Pirate House Restaurant]

Going into this week we sat down to talk about haunted locations with a pirate backstory. While there's not very many locations that specifically talk about pirate legends we did manage to find a couple. Two locations located on the east coast of North Carolina and one down in Savannah, Georgia! We talk the backstories, what and if the locations have been investigated, and more! The Hammock house is the first location we talk about...


 2022-06-21  39m

episode 47: Multidimensional Theories

On this episode we dive into Multidimensional Theories and topics revolving around 4D and 5D. We have an open discussions around our theories and some ideas around concepts that have been talked about by other paranormal enthusiasts, psychic mediums, and scientists. A lot of this is based off theories, and ideas and the evidence is very loosely based since most evidence out in general is not very concrete...


 2022-06-09  49m

 2022-05-31  47m

episode 45: Gnomes & Duendes [Encounter Stories, Lore Behind The Legend, And More]

In this episode we dive into the theories and paranormal encounters of the Gnome and The Duendes. We retell a couple encounter stories as well as our own theories about what they could be. We share researched theories and actually a personal encounter story that happened recently to Megan.

If you're digging the intro music it's actually a song called Stacy Dahl by a band called Maudlin...


 2022-05-17  35m