Heroes & Halfwits

Dare ye cross over into a realm of mystery and intrigue? Methinks ye shall. Join Rooster Teeth for this official Heroes & Halfwits adventure. Watch the video version on svod.roosterteeth.com.


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The Mechs Generation - Episode 10: Dinosaurs With Guns: Part IV

If someone traipsed into your home and tried to pull your brain out of your head, wouldn't you try to stop them?


 25 July 2018  3h46m

The Mechs Generation - Episode 9: Dinosaurs With Guns: Part III

The party comes upon a strange scene in the rainforest and later get into a brutal battle with more cyberdinosaurs.


 11 July 2018  2h46m

The Mechs Generation - Episode 8: Dinosaurs With Guns: Part II

The party undergo mech combat training on their way to the planet of TreValle. In orbit over the dinosaur sanctuary, they receive a stern warning. Down on the planet, they get to mechin' and trekkin'!


 27 June 2018  2h58m

The Mechs Generation - Episode 7: Dinosaurs With Guns: Part I

Rand and Thimbledick graduate from high school. The entire gang is offered a job by an old acquaintance. Four creepy dudes pay them a visit.


 13 June 2018  2h44m

The Mechs Generation Episode 6 - Father and Errant Children: Part IV

IO and the kids attempt to defuse a tense situation with the representative from the Fathers. A chance meeting with a street poet leads to a chase across Mars and beyond.


 30 May 2018  3h34m

The Mechs Generation Episode 5 - Fathers and Errant Children: Part III

Rand discovers an important detail about his past and reacts in a very Rand sort of way. The crew learn about a sinister conspiracy. Later, they get offered a new job opportunity. And a tour guide educates the party about a famous Swedish explorer.


 16 May 2018  2h8m

The Mechs Generation Episode 4 - Fathers and Errant Children: Part II

The kids and Io find themselves at the center of a sinister Martian conspiracy. That doesn't stop them from taking the time to get some ink done though.


 02 May 2018  1h59m

The Mechs Generation Episode 3 - Fathers and Errant Children: Part I

The term "star-crossed" love takes on new meaning for Thimbledick.


 18 April 2018  2h8m

The Mechs Generation Episode 2 - "The Year of the Dog: Part II"

The kids are (maybe) alright...if they can just figure out whether to steal or buy party supplies for Popular Guy Mike's party, what their teenage morality is, and if they really will help Tib in his quest.


 04 April 2018  3h21m

The Mechs Generation Episode 1 - "The Year of the Dog"

Heroes & Halfwits is re-imagined! Meet the new cast of characters, and follow them as a routine day in high school goes completely awry when they meet a big talking spider, a pyromaniac, and a special (maybe delicious) dog.


 21 March 2018  1h37m