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episode 677: The Manager's Path with Camille Fournier

Camille Fournier is the author of The Manager's Path: A Guide for Tech Leaders Navigating Growth and Change and is the Head of Platform Engineering at Two Sigma. She sits down with Scott to talk about how managing people in the technical industry is a tec


 28 March 2019  36m

 22 March 2019  32m

episode 675: A love letter to language (and programming) with Eva Ferreira

Eva Ferreira organizes the non-profit CSSConf Argentina and teaches at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional in Argentina. She and Scott talk about learning and teaching on the web when the students' native language isn't English. What's the most effective way


 14 March 2019  31m

episode 674: How galaxies evolve with Dr. Molly Peeples

Dr. Molly Peeples is an Aura Assistant Astronomer at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Maryland. She received her B.S. in Physics from MIT and went on to both an MS and PhD in Astronomy at Ohio State University. Today she teaches Scott a


 07 March 2019  31m

episode 673: Cloth Simulation for Computer Graphics with Tuur Stuyck

Physics-based animation is commonplace in animated feature films and even special effects for live-action movies. How does one model something as complex as cloth, how it drapes on the body, moves in the wind, and more? Tuur Stuyck talks about the resear


 01 March 2019  30m

episode 672: How to look smart in meetings and how to be successful without hurting men's feelings with Sarah Cooper

Sarah Cooper spent a decade working in tech at companies like Yahoo! and Google when she stopped it all to focus on comedy! Since then she's become a best selling author, comedian, writer, speaker and general trash-talker. Her book "100 Tricks to Appear S


 21 February 2019  31m

 15 February 2019  32m

episode 670: Coding for the ZX Spectrum and Netflix/Black Mirror's Bandersnach with Matt Westcott

As an enthusiast of retrogaming and retrocomputing, Matt Westcott has been in ZX Spectrum and demo scene for many years. Recently when Netflix's Black Mirror needed an easter egg for their interactive episode Bandersnatch, they reached out to Matt to writ


 08 February 2019  32m

episode 669: Exploring Algorithms of Oppression with Dr. Safiya Noble

Dr. Safiya U. Noble is an assistant professor at the University of Southern California (USC) Annenberg School of Communication. She's the author of a best-selling book called Algorithms of Oppression. Today she talks to Scott about how commercial search


 01 February 2019  35m

 25 January 2019  35m