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Ham Radio Now podcasts are the audio from our television programs (on YouTube.com/HamRadioNow). The shows are all about the hobby/service of Amateur Radio, but there are several types of shows all mixed up among the episodes. Some are talk shows, some are seminars and forums, and there's a mini-documentary now and then. The talk shows make the best audio listening, but you'll get something from almost all of them. We'll rate the "radio" quality in the show descriptions.


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HRN 414: There Is No Such Thing As Free Rack Space!

HRN 414: There Is No Such Thing As Free Rack Space! David Goldenberg W0DHG and Jim Aspinwall NO1PC discuss this week's BIG California ham radio story. Was the repeater kicked out of the CalFire vault, or did the state just decide that it needed to be...


 04 October 2019  44m

HRN Bonus: 2019 TAPR DCC kickstarter for Jason Johnston

The ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference is an international forum for radio amateurs to meet, publish their work, and present new ideas and techniques. Presenters and attendees will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and learn about...


 04 September 2019  47m

HRN 412: EmComm, Huracaines, and Elmering

David and Jim Aspinwall NO1PC talk about Ham Radio: EmComm, Hurricanes, and Elmering


 03 September 2019  1h40m

HRN411 Team Exuberance!

 David talks with Violetta Latham KM4ATT about Team Exuberance and their upcoming K3LR trip, and her other adventures in amateur radio!


 17 February 2019  30m

HRN 410 (ElmerCast 1) From the Ground Up!

Ward Silver N0AX joins Jim Aspinwall NO1PC and David W0DHG for the first of the ElmerCast Series. We talk about GROUNDING! 


 07 February 2019  1h22m

HRN 409: ElmerCast!

Jim Aspinwall NO1PC joins me to talk about Elmering and our joint effort to bring new content to the Amateur Radio Community!


 20 January 2019  1h10m

HRN 408: PhasingRadioLineNow!

Marty Sullaway NN1C (formerly KC1CWF) is in the house! We talk Ham Radio, his visit to Los Angeles and plans for 2019!


 29 December 2018  43m

HRN 406 Woolsey Fire and Ham Radio

Ben Kuo AI6YR visits in studio with David W0DHG to talk about how Ham Radio played a part in the recent Woolsey Fire in Southern California. Over 90,000 acres and 1400 structures, and 3 lives were lost


 24 November 2018  1h11m

HRN 405: On the set at Last Man Standing

Gary KN4AQ, Cyndi KD4ACW, and David W0DHG talk about their trip to Los Angeles and their visit to the stage of Last Man Standing! 


 12 November 2018  1h50m

HRN 404 W7VO for ARRL Northwestern Division Director

Mike Ritz W7VO joins David to talk about his race to become the  division director in the Northwestern Division. 


 20 September 2018  47m