A monthly podcast featuring Tanzila "Taz" Ahmed and Zahra Noorbakhsh about the good and the bad of the American Muslim female experience. But you know, satirically & disturbingly hilarious. #GoodMuslimBadMuslim


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058 - Live Every Day Like It's Halloween (with special guest Ayesha Siddiqi)

The one where Taz rethinks clothing swaps and Zahra defends candy corn. They also unveil a special announcement. With special guest Ayesha Siddiqi.



057 - Hot Girl Summer Ends, A New Regime Begins

The one where Zahra learns to do handstands and Taz designs lungis with Scottish Muslim tartans.


 25 September 2019  48m

056 - Are You Done Venting? Don't Embarrass Yourself.

The one where Zahra admires a famous rotator cuff and Taz goes friendship shopping at Target.


 28 August 2019  45m

055 - Intermittent Fasting is Just Off-Season Ramadan

The one where Taz celebrates her birthday and Zahra learns how to pee outside.


 24 July 2019  49m

054 - Stop Parking on our Property (feat. Randa Jarrar)

The one where Taz plays passive-aggressive auntie games and Zahra is away working on her show On Behalf of All Muslims. Featuring special guest Randa Jarrar.


 26 June 2019  1h1m

053 - Forgive Yourself and Power Through

The one where Taz refuses to answer a question and Zahra reveals her crush on cartoon Jafar.


 29 May 2019  50m

052 - LIVE from Toronto

The one where Taz and Zahra list role models at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto.


 24 April 2019  53m

051 - LIVE from Yale

The one where Taz capitalizes on Khichuri and Zahra tires of Russian dolls.


 25 March 2019  48m

050 - See You in the Future

The one where Taz and Zahra time travel.


 25 February 2019  51m

049 - Never Put Your Tacos in the Toaster Oven

The one where Taz wants to become the next Supreme brand and Zahra becomes Spider-Woman.


 30 January 2019  51m