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Facial Recognition Tech Is Coming to a School Near You

WIRED Editor in Chief Nicholas Thompson joins us for a special edition of this week’s podcast, to discuss Facebook, Google, and facial recognition technology.



episode 426: It's Time to Put Down Your Phone

Webby founder and filmmaker Tiffany Shlain joins us to talk about her weekly tech Shabbat, a day in which her family abstains from any modern technology.



episode 425: Why Is Microsoft Making a Phone?

The company’s hardware chief discusses the state of mobile productivity, dual-screen devices, and why the Surface phone isn’t a phone.



episode 424: Spot, the Robot Dog, Learns New Tricks

Matt Simon tells us how the famous robot's deployment into the workplace could alter the future of human-robot relations.



episode 423: Your DNA Belongs on the Blockchain

Megan Molteni tells us about the gene-sequencing startup Nebula, and how its privacy practices could have a positive impact on the way we share personal information on the web.



episode 422: iPhones to the Max

We ask WIRED senior writer Lauren Goode to give her impressions of the iPhone launch in Cupertino this week.


 13 September 2019  33m

episode 421: How Uber Went Down in Flames

New York Times reporter Mike Isaac charts the rise and fall of the ride-hailing company in his new book, Super Pumped. He joins us on the podcast to tell us everything that went wrong.


 06 September 2019  50m

episode 420: Why It’s So Hard to Unlink Yourself From Facebook

WIRED’s Paris Martineau joins the show to explain all the ways Facebook tracks your activity across Instagram and the rest of its mobile apps—even if your accounts aren’t linked to Facebook.


 30 August 2019  40m

episode 419: You’ve Got Microplastics

WIRED’s Matt Simon joins the show to talk about microplastics—what they are, why they’re a nightmare, and whether you should fret about eating them.


 23 August 2019  43m

How Google’s Secrecy Lead to Company Turmoil

WIRED senior staff writer Nitasha Tiku takes us behind the scenes of her September cover story about inner turmoil at Google, the so-called happiest company in tech.


 16 August 2019  39m