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Dharmabytes features bite-sized dharma, three times a week, from the Free Buddhist Audio archives. Themed in conjunction with our weekly full length talk podcast, these are inspiring short extracts from over 5,000 talks on Buddhism, meditation and mindfulness! Tune in, be inspired!


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Shinran and Kabat-Zinn

This wonderful talk by Ratnaguna looks at the Pureland tradition of Shinran, comparing some of his approaches to those of the contemporary teacher John Kabat-Zinn, pioneer of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction.


 05 January 2007  1h10m

Vajrapani – Energy Unlimited

To get us moving again now the new site is up and running, here's a cracking and wonderfully detailed talk by Vessantara, author of 'Meeting the Buddhas'. He is the ideal person to introduce us to the complex and fascinating Tantric figure of Vajrapani...


 06 December 2006  1h13m

Launch of Free Buddhist Audio Website – An Invitation to Our Podcast Friends

We're totally thrilled to announce the launch of Free Buddhist Audio, the new, free download and streaming service from The Dharmachakra Archives. If you've been enjoying our podcasts, you'll love this! The site features over 500 free recordings - mos...


 30 November 2006  n/a

Death and the Buddhist

This is pretty fantastic in its way. Danavira is one of the best speakers we know - he is very funny, can do poetic and profound, tends to the chaotic in his style, and has a particular genius for this kind of thing; this kind of thing being talking ab...


 02 November 2006  1h4m


Kamalashila has spent a lot of his adult life exploring meditation - and this talk is a lovely little foray into the whole subject as a crucial aspect in life and practice, with special consideration given to reflection on the six elements. Oh,


 09 October 2006  53m

Amoghasiddhi – Lord of the Midnight Sun

Vaddhaka can usually be relied on to give a pretty great talk - and this is no exception. Here we have a real treat - a terrific, energetic exploration of the green Buddha of the north: Amoghasiddhi (Dundubishvara), the Unobstructed One.


 08 September 2006  43m

Buddhism and Ecology

This is a fascinating, challenging and, in the end, realistically affirming look at Buddhist practice in the face of global climate crisis. What can we do? How can we change the ways we think and respond to the seemingly insurmountable problems the pla...


 03 July 2006  56m

The Diamond Sutra

This is a gem of a talk from Abhaya. With his customary dry wit and sharp eye he leads us on the crazy paving path through the Diamond Sutra — a text guaranteed to turn your world upside-down. Some very funny parts to this talk — and some excellent...


 30 May 2006  45m

Buddhism and Quantum Physics

Jnanavaca is back! Last time it was mountaineering (see our very first podcast), this time it's Einstein, Schroedinger, double slits, and all that stuff you wished you understood about quantum physics but despaired of ever knowing so as to impress at p...


 17 May 2006  1h9m

Three Visions of the Buddha

The Buddha as lover, as master of enchantments, as a vision of the sky. In this talk, Candradasa presents the story of the Buddha's life as a backdrop to three visions of practice, focussing on a progression through love and corresponding to the tradit...


 05 April 2006  1h12m