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Dharmabytes features bite-sized dharma, three times a week, from the Free Buddhist Audio archives. Themed in conjunction with our weekly full length talk podcast, these are inspiring short extracts from over 5,000 talks on Buddhism, meditation and mindfulness! Tune in, be inspired!


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episode 754: Coming Together in Community

Means of Unification


 07 November 2019  9m

episode 753: Mindfulness is Transformative

Here Vidyamala gives a rich and personal talk on the Citta section of the Satipatthana Sutta. She introduces the key aspects of this part of the Sutta and then speaks of the importance of allowing for growth and integration in our practice. She speaks...


 04 November 2019  11m

episode 752: The Lineage of Responsibility

A Look into the International Council


 31 October 2019  10m

episode 751: Imagination as a Key

Thoughts on Sangharakshita I + II


 28 October 2019  15m

episode 750: Great Art and Literature in the Modern West

Sangharakshita in conversation with Kathleen Raine


 24 October 2019  7m

episode 749: A Dharma That Includes Passion and Beauty

How can we have a whole life of value and of meaning? Subhadramati explores the essential integration of arts and asceticism that Sangharakshita struggled to find in his early years as a monk. From the talk Beauty and Discipline, part of...


 21 October 2019  10m

episode 748: A Single Slash of Anger

Steep Yourself in Patience


 17 October 2019  10m

episode 747: Patience, Pride and Evil Actions

What motivates us in the spiritual life?


 14 October 2019  6m

episode 746: Making the Darkness Conscious

Three ways of engaging


 10 October 2019  7m

episode 745: Walking Through a Wall of Fire

Reflections on Transformation


 07 October 2019  6m