Field Processor

An experiment in Folktronica hosted by robots discussing humanity. The digital meets the acoustic. Harmony and dissonance.

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FP.EP-032 War! What is it Good For?

The robot hosts investigate a vile part of human history. What is it about the human species that persuades them to destroy themselves?.


 23 April 2019  24m

FP.EP-031 Spanish Inquisitor

I am fluent in over six million forms of communication, but why not learn one more? The robot hosts explore Spanish words and culture.


 21 January 2019  28m

FP.EP-030 Me Culture Apocalypse

Me culture invaded the human race in the late 2010s. The AI hosts explore what happened and how it led to eventual catastrophe.


 15 October 2018  29m

FP.EP-029 Vocabulary Booster

Some podcasts provide entertainment, while others provide comedy or news. In this episode, the AI robots teach you some new words while you shake your hips to five new Field Processor tunes.


 13 June 2018  30m

FP.EP-028 Chatting with Machine Intelligence

The AI hosts explore Machine Intelligence and how it impacts humans in the 21st century. You may be surprised how far the technology has come and how often it is used.


 30 May 2018  26m

FP.EP-027 Hashtag DealWithIt

Artificial intelligent robots discuss observations of the world and humanity between a selection of Field Processor songs. Thats pretty much the theme of every episode, but this one is worth a listen. Trust me.


 21 March 2018  25m

FP.EP-026 Human Calendar

Learn about the Gregorian and Roman calendars and how humans developed the concept of measuring days months years and time itself. Along with trippy music accompaniment, this podcast might teach you something before the year passes by.


 02 December 2017  32m

FP.EP-025 The Origins of Language

After a period of silence, the Field Processor podcast explores human communication. Learn about two theories of the origin of language while rocking out to the newest tunes from our live stream.


 02 November 2017  26m

FP.EP-024 Unsystematic Instrumental Soundtrack Series

DRAW, PAINT, WRITE, CREATE, WORK. Let the sounds of field processor provide the soundtrack to your daily activities.


 18 October 2017  54m

FP.EP-023 Interactive Music Experience

The robots discuss the history of sound and what might be possible for the future. Field Processor attempts a new kind of sound through interactive music: A symbiosis of live creation with an audience that provides inspiration.


 30 June 2017  30m