Fell In Love With A Girl: An FC St. Pauli Podcast 7000km Removed

An FC St. Pauli podcast, 7000 kilometres removed from Hamburg! We are the only english language podcast about the best football club in the world. At least as far as we know. We are two Canadians bringing a little bit of Hamburg to the prairies and usually at horrible hours. We'd love to hear from you so please contact us!




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"Happy" Belated Munchen v. Sankt Pauli

A bit of a silly beginning to our discussion of Munchen 1860 v. St. Pauli. The move is in full swing, and with the fixture of Union v. FCSP being the day this episode posts... well, it's a bit a a hot country mess.    This is is the first...


 27 September 2016  28m

Matchday 5 - And now a quick word about fascism...

Matchday 5 v. Karlsruhe. Our second time recording the episode... Disappointed but we rerecorded.  Comments, questions or feedback? We can be reached at: @withagirlpod on Twitter  or email at fellinlovewithagirlpodcast@gmail.com


 20 September 2016  31m

Matchday 4 - *spoiler alert* WE FINALLY WON!

Warning: We still haven't sorted out the file compression situation, so please download via a wifi connection. We hope we'll have that sorted by Matchday 5.  We also discuss the situation in Calais, France. Join the discussion!...


 12 September 2016  20m


There... We've started! An English language St. Pauli FC podcast based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, roughly 7300km from the Millerntor. Please download this monster on wifi. We have yet to figure out how to compress our files. We're sorry. We'll...


 09 September 2016  26m