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Luke 1.57-66 Testimony

A. Neighbors rejoice (they normally do for a baby) (57-58)
B. But then a controversy arises (59-64)
The world speaks (59) Elizabeth speaks (60) The world speaks (61-62) Zechariah "speaks" (63) God speaks (64) C. Neighbors fear (they normally do at the hand of God) (64-66)


 30 November 2014  29m

Luke 1.46-56 A Happy Soul

A. Where did this poem come from?
B. The diverse application of God's grace
To Mary (46-49) To the world (50-53) To Israel (54-55) C. How is such grace to be received?


 23 November 2014  34m

Luke 1.34-45 Promises

A. God's addresses Mary's sensible question: "How will this be?" (34-37)
B. Mary's response should be our response: "I am your servant." (38)
C. Three confirmations (39-45)
God confirms His promise to Elizabeth God confirms Mary's response God will confirm Himself in His Son


 16 November 2014  31m

 02 November 2014  31m