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Luke 3.1-6 Preparation

A. God enters our context
He enters world history (1-2a) He enters the wilderness (2b) B. God's purpose for John the Baptist
A word of fulfillment and preparation (4-5) A word of repentance and baptism (3-4) A word of salvation for the many (6) C. Responding to this word today


 08 February 2015  28m

Titus 1.5-9 Appoint the qualified

A. The next thing to do (v. 5)
B. Qualified men have a good reputation (v. 6)
C. Qualified men have an interest in others that exceeds interest in self (v. 7)
D. Qualified men bless others in both word and action (vv. 8-9)


 01 February 2015  29m

1 Peter 5.1-4 Shepherds for His Flock

A. The shepherd himself
He knows he's being watched (just prior to v. 1) He knows he shares (presently) a future glory (v. 1) He knows he works for Another (v. 4) B. The shepherd's oversight
Not begrudgingly, but with an eager heart (v. 2) Not selfishly, but with selfless motivation (v. 2) Not domineering, but with visible example (v. 3)


 25 January 2015  34m

Acts 20.17-38 The affection of an elder

A. Affection that is persistent for the gospel of our Lord (18-21 and 26-27)
B. Affection that finds the Lord's ministry to be a precious ministry (22-24)
C. Affection that is watchful over their own watchfulness (28-31)
D. Affection that trusts maturity that comes through Scripture (32)
E. Affection that is intuitively prayerful (36)


 18 January 2015  35m

Luke 2.41-52 The Father's Mission

A. What are Jesus' parents doing?
B. What is Jesus doing?
C. What is Jesus' first "sermon?"


 11 January 2015  33m

Luke 2.34-40 Jesus Divides

A. Jesus divides because He provokes opposition. (34-35)
B. Jesus divides because He provokes thanks and praise. (36-38)
C. What's coming next?


 04 January 2015  29m

Luke 2.22-33 God Presents His Son

A. Joseph and Mary present their son (22-24)
B. God presents His Son (25-32)
    Promise, fulfillment, and a hymn of praise
C. Why marvel? (33)


 28 December 2014  32m

Luke 2.7-21 Seeing The Savior

A. The gospel meets us at our lowest
B. The gospel is a (compelling) revelation
C. The gospel renews us


 21 December 2014  28m

Luke 2.1-6 Entering

A. Jesus visits a real time and a real place
B. Jesus is subjected to real obstacles
To show the subjection of Joseph and Mary To show the subjection of our Lord C. Why? So that in your real time and space, you may be subjected, and live.


 14 December 2014  29m

Luke 1.67-80 The Way

A. The setting of the father (67) and the child (80)
B. The question on everyone's mind: "How does this child figure in God's plan?"
God's plan is a plan of salvation (68-75) The child proclaims salvation (76-77) The Savior takes us into it (78-79)


 07 December 2014  41m