Every Day

Every other month, SYFY WIRE will be tackling a new subject for it's EVERY DAY series. Starting in April, host, Dany Roth, will talk with a new guest, every day, about a different cartoon for EVERY DAY ANIMATION. So, even if you're a busy adult, give yourself permission to join us as we indulge in some of the best, the worst, and the weirdest cartoons ever made.




episode 30: October 30: Season of the Witch (1973)

Host Dany Roth is joined by Bronwyn Isaac, host of the Bad Romance podcast, to discuss the George Romero gem, Season of the Witch. Discussion includes how everyone in this movie is horny, bad wigs, the cinematographic equivalent of tantric sex, the benefits of murdering your husband and more.


 30 October 2018  52m

episode 31: October 31: Black Christmas (1974)

Host Dany Roth is joined by Apocalist Book Club podcast host Antonella Inserra to discuss the 1974 classic Black Christmas. Discussion includes how cops are not the answer to problems in horror movies, the phone company, Claude the cat, Margot Kidder owning her hotness and drunk house mothers.


 31 October 2018  51m