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Nov 10, 2019: “I Am Thankful You Are Personal”

“I Am Thankful You Are Personal” Many of the world’s religions believe God is an impersonal being. This fits the stereotype that many people have of God as a cold, detached, impersonal force. But the God who is revealed in the Bible isn’t that way at a...



Nov 03, 2019: “I Am Thankful You Are Merciful”

“I Am Thankful You Are Merciful” The night Jesus was arrested, one of his closest friends had an epic failure. Peter denied knowing Christ, not once, not twice, but three times. How do you think God responds to our failures? Jesus said,



Oct 27, 2019: “I Am Thankful You Are Good

“I Am Thankful You Are Good” With just a mention of God’s goodness, personal examples may come to mind that cause your heart to well up with gratitude. Or, you may be skeptical, thinking of situations in your life that raise questions about whether God...



Oct 20, 2019: “People: They Matter to Us, But How Much?”

“People: They Matter to Us, But How Much?” If asked, every one of us would say people matter to us. The dilemma we face is that, what we want often has a way of mattering more to us than people. This was never the case with Jesus, though.



Oct 13, 2019: “People: For God So Loved The World”

“People: For God So Loved The World” John 3:16 is one of the most famous, most memorized, most loved verses in the Bible. For many Christians, it is where their faith began. But as Pastor Tim breaks down this very familiar verse,


 16 October 2019  26m

Oct 06, 2019: “Smooth Criminals: Guilt”

“Smooth Criminals: Guilt” Guilt tells us that we’ve done some really bad stuff and that he will always be around to remind us. King David dealt with guilt from his sins. We will learn from the journey that David took to overcome this smooth criminal na...


 07 October 2019  31m

Sep 29, 2019: “Smooth Criminals: Greed”

“Smooth Criminals: Greed” Greed may be the smoothest of the smooth criminals, because it is easy to see in someone else, but hard to see in the mirror. Why is that? Part of the reason may be that greed is everywhere in America.


 01 October 2019  29m

Sep 22, 2019: “Smooth Criminals: Envy”

“Smooth Criminals: Envy” It happens without us even noticing it. We become discontent or resentful because someone has something we don’t have. But, so what? How much harm can a little envy cause? James says that,


 23 September 2019  33m

Sep 15, 2019: “Smooth Criminals: Anger”

“Smooth Criminals: Anger” Pastor Tim begins the series with maybe the most dangerous of these smooth criminals: Anger. Do you struggle with anger? In Ephesians 4, the Apostle Paul tells us exactly how to keep anger out of our hearts.


 16 September 2019  33m

Sep 08, 2019: “When God Seems Unfair.”

When God Seems “Unfair.” Is God really unfair? Actually, yes, He is! Jesus made this clear in a parable He told in Matthew 20, and as Pastor Tim explains the parable, we learn why we should be glad God is unfair.


 09 September 2019  27m