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episode 30: Not That Ambassador

Former US Ambassador Anthony L. Gardner on Brussels and Kiev, his forthcoming book, and where Europe is heading under new leadership.



Tiptoeing Around the Far Right

Should lobbyists engage with far-right and extremist lawmakers? After the EU elections in May, about 20 percent of members of the European Parliament have far-right agendas. That's a big gain — up from 10-to-15 percent five years ago. That’s also ar...



episode 30: Trumpworld in Europe

Pastors and plutocrats, many with links to Donald Trump, are sponsoring an ultra-conservative agenda in Europe.


 16 September 2019  25m

episode 28: Bianca's Story

Many women seeking abortion care in EU member states like Romania find themselves in a Kafkaesque trap.


 03 August 2019  33m

episode 27: Abortion Wars

Pressures on women to avoid terminating unwanted pregnancies have been growing in countries including Croatia, Poland and Romania.


 21 July 2019  33m

episode 27: Don't Be Complacent

Tony Blair and Andrew Stroehlein warn against complacency in the face of the far right and nationalist populism.


 09 July 2019  36m

episode 26: Being Muslim

Muslim millennials Nas Daily and Financial Times correspondent Mehreen Khan on discrimination and religious misconceptions.


 30 June 2019  39m

episode 23: White Power in Estonia

The kind of accommodation that allowed EKRE into government in Estonia has echoes with the rise of fascism in the 1930s.


 05 June 2019  46m

episode 23: Disenfranchised

There are 17.5 million EU residents of voting age who were excluded from the bloc's elections.


 26 May 2019  25m

episode 22: Meanwhile on Planet Varoufakis

Yanis Varoufakis and DiEM25 are worth a look ahead of EU elections where centrists are struggling to compete with the far right’s clear and simple messages.


 21 May 2019  29m