Engineering the Truth

Every episode Mike takes a question from a listener and tries to answer the question as correctly as he can with absolutely no research. After he is satisfied with his answer he will go and find out what the true answer is, and at the end of the show saying if he was right or not.

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Does Everyone See the Same Colors?

In this episode Mike talks about whether or not everyone sees the same colors.


 21 February 2016  12m

New Theme Song!

Here is our new theme song, it was created by Christopher Wrigley from he's pretty great. New episode will be coming soon.


 27 January 2016  1m

Can you Convert Voltages?

Mike talks about Converting Voltages.


 07 January 2016  5m

Does the Moon Follow Me?

Time tries to explain why the moon looks like it follows you. He uses trees, it might not be the best explanation... If you want to support the show consider becoming a donor 


 17 December 2015  9m

Is there Time Travel?

Mike takes on Time Travel and why he doesn't think it will work. To help support the show consider becoming a donor? 


 15 December 2015  6m

Why is a Short Rope Stronger than a Long Rope?

Mike tries to work out why a Short Rope is Stronger than a Long Rope.


 30 November 2015  7m

Could a Person be Wrapped in enough Bubble Wrap to Survive a Fall from a Plane?

Mike Figures out what if someone could survive a fall from a plane wrapped in enough bubble wrap.


 30 November 2015  5m

Why do you need Accurate Bids for Estimates?

Mike explains why you need accurate bids for estimates.


 30 November 2015  6m

Flying Cars?

Mike trying to explain why he thinks there will be flying cars in the future.


 30 November 2015  5m

If Water Boils at 100 deg C why do Clothes Dry in the Sun?

Mike tries to explain why clothes will dry on a line.


 26 November 2015  7m