EM Basic

EM Basic- your boot camp guide to emergency medicine. Made for medical students and emergency medicine interns to review common chief complaints in emergency medicine from the ground up


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Ortho Inservice Review Part 3- Pelvic Injuries, Lower Extremity, Peds Ortho

This is Ortho Inservice Review Part 3 which covers injuries to the Pelvis, Lower Extremities, and Pediatric Ortho conditions.  This screencast originally appeared on the Emergency Board Review Podcast in 2012.


 30 January 2017  24m

Ortho Inservice Review- Part 2

This is Ortho Inservice Review Part 2 which will cover injuries to the wrist and hand.  This screencast originally appeared on the Emergency Board Review Podcast in 2012.


 30 January 2017  16m

Ortho Inservice Review Part 1- Thorax and Upper Extremities

In Part 1 of this 3 part series for Orthopedics inservice review we'll review orthopedic injuries to the Thorax and Upper Extremities.  This is a screencast that was originally broadcasted on the Emergency Board Review website and podcast in 2012.


 30 January 2017  18m

Hypothermia by Dr. Andrea Sarchi

Just in time for the midway point of the winter season, this is a podcast on management of hypothermia in the ED.  Dr. Andrea Sarchi wrote the script which was recorded by Jacob Schriner, a second year medical student at Emory University School...


 16 January 2017  38m

Opioids in the ED Part 2 with Dr. Sheyna Gifford

In part 2, Dr Sheyna Gifford will discuss the how to differentiate opioid overdose from other causes of altered mental status, some special disposition situations (especially with methadone), and how we can quickly screen for opioid abuse and provide...


 09 January 2017  33m

Opioids Part 1 with Dr. Sheyna Gifford

It's no secret that we have a major opioid problem in the United States.  The number of people addicted to opioids has reached epidemic proportions and we are certainly seeing this everyday in the Emergency Department.  In this episode Dr....


 02 January 2017  29m

The undifferentiated sick infant by Dr. Tim Horeczko

EM Basic is back with a re-broadcast from the awesome podcast Pediatric Emergency Playbook by Dr. Tim Horeczko.  Tim is a double boarded in EM and Peds EM and works at Harbor-UCLA hospital.  This was the first episode he published at...


 25 January 2016  35m

Heme Onc Part 2- Hematology Emergencies

This is part 2 of the Heme Onc Emergencies series.  This episode will talk about common hematology emergencies that we see in the ED.  Sickle cell disease will be its own episode but this episode will talk about the approach to anemia in the...


 05 October 2015  28m

Heme Onc Part 1- Oncology Emergencies

This is the first of a two part series on Heme-Onc Emergencies.  In this episode, we'll discuss oncology emergencies to include neutropenic fever, tumor lysis syndrome, malignant spinal cord compression and malignant pericardial effusion....


 05 October 2015  30m


Today's episode is another installment of the EM Basic Project.  Dr. Sheyna Gifford and Dr. Chrisanna Mink will talk about measles.  This is a disease that we thought we had stamped out long ago with vaccination but the rise of the...


 03 August 2015  32m