Ego Check with The Id DM

Ego Check with The Id DM is an interview podcast series hosted by a licensed psychologist, Michael Mallen, Ph.D. The podcast delves into a variety of game types (e.g., tabletop roleplaying games, boardgames, videogames) from a psychological perspective. Dr. Mallen has been interviewing members of the gaming community for articles on his blog, The Id DM, since 2011 and is now posting these interviews for others to enjoy.

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episode 1: Katrina Ostrander of Fantasy Flight Games on Anxiety and Being a Woman in the Gaming Industry

I'm joined this week by Katrina Ostrander, Fiction Editor for Fantasy Flight Games Fiction and Story Team Member for Fantasy Flight Games. She talks about her early experiences in gaming, which were mostly comprised of play-by-post games. She speaks abou...


 06 June 2017  55m

episode 1: Wayne June on Life as a Voice Artist & Providing the Voice for Darkest Dungeon

This week I am joined by Wayne June, voiceover artist and narrator with extensive experience in the audiobook industry. He is perhaps best known recently for his work as the voice of the Darkest Dungeon; he performs the lines of The Ancestor, who serves ...


 16 May 2017  1h3m

episode 1: Chris Benefield

This week I'm joined by Chris Benefield, a longtime friend I first met during our days in graduate school way back in 1998. Chris has a masters degree in Educational Psychology, and is now working toward an advanced degree to become a school counselor.  ...


 02 May 2017  57m

episode 1: Carina Kom

I'm joined by Carina Kom,  Co-founder and CEO of Crash Wave Games, which successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign for their next game, Iron Tides. Ms. Kom discusses her years of experience wearing various hats in the gaming industry, which led her to...


 18 April 2017  56m

episode 1: Brian Patterson

I'm joined by Brian Patterson, Co-Owner of Exploding Rogue Studios, and Creator of the webcomic, d20monkey. He completed a successful Kickstarter to fund his efforts to create Karthun, a campaign guide. I previously interviewed Brian in 2011 and 2014 for...


 04 April 2017  1h10m

episode 1: Dr. Janina Scarlet on Superhero Therapy and Personal Experience as a Refugee to the United States

I am joined this week by Dr. Janina Scarlet, and we talk about her upcoming book, Superhero Therapy - A Hero's Journey Through Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Dr. Scarlet shares her fascinating origin story and how her personal journey with negative e...


 21 March 2017  56m

episode 10: Dr. Peter Whalen & Dr. Tzachi Zach

This week's MEGA Hearthstone episode celebrates the annoucement of the next expansion, Journey to Un'Goro. First, Dr. Peter Whalen, Senior Game Designer for Hearthstone, joins me to discuss his experiences working for Blizzard since 2015 and his role as ...


 07 March 2017  1h13m

episode 9: Shanna Germain on Writing and Advocacy in the Gaming Community

My guest for Episode 9 of Ego Check with The Id DM is Shanna Germain, co-founder of Monte Cook Games, and an acclaimed writer and game designer. She covered many topics during our discussion, including her work as an activist and advocate in and out of t...


 21 February 2017  58m

episode 8: Allison Rossi

My guest for Episode 8 of Ego Check with The Id DM is Allison Rossi, Dungeon Master for Adventurer's League and Social Media Manager for a Competitive Overwatch League. She discusses her entrance into tabletop roleplaying games several years ago and her ...


 07 February 2017  1h8m

episode 7: Hawke Robinson

My guest for Episode 7 of Ego Check with The Id DM is Hawke Robinson, founder of the RPG Research Project. Hawke discusses his early history in gaming, which dates back to the 1970s, and talks about choosing a career in recreation therapy, which allows h...


 17 January 2017  1h1m