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episode 8: P-Valley S2E8 'Death Drop'

In this episode, we talk about steak tartare, pink sauce, Eddie Murphy, Guy, Keke Palmer, Crown Royal, Br’er Rabbit, Will’s apology, jungle juice, Zahara Jolie Pitt, mobile gaming, moaning etiquette, cheese fries, ramen, the color purple, baby target practice, Scarface, black & milds, and we talk a little bit about STARZ’s P-Valley

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episode 7: P-Valley S2E7 'Jackson' w/ Leslie Mac

In this episode, we are joined by Leslie Mac to discuss none of the Black Panther 2 trailer, Nope, Dreamgirls, Waiting To Exhale, Black Christmas movies, real estate, pregnancy cravings, ice cream cakes, the Jackson Pink House, Magnums, the right to choose, more gay shit and a read, and we talk a little bit about Starz’s P-Valley.

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Pulp Fiction and Other Shit (Anchor Version)

Since 'P-Valley' took a week off, it gave us the opportunity to catch up on something we've been meaning to do, and that is to finally discuss Jamelle's favorite movie 'Pulp Fiction'! However comma, this is only half of the conversation because the rest can only be found on our Patreon, and trust me you're going to want to hear that version because it is freaking hilarious, and it even has a totally different and longer upfront that what you have here which goes completely off script! Enjoy...



episode 6: P-Valley S2E6 'Savage' w/Shanna from MTR Network

T/W: Suicide. In this episode, we are joined by Shanna from MTR Network to discuss first-world problems, Thor: Love & Thunder, Taika slander, Marvel, et...



episode 5: P-Valley S2E5 'White Knights'

T/W: We discuss in-depth Rape and Domestic Abuse

In this episode we discuss National Cookout Day, food talk, The Boys (spoiler alert), Greek Mythology, wigs, Love & Hip-Hop, Promising Young Woman, McDonald’s Gate, Equinsu Ocha, curling irons, segregated dances, Wendy’s bacon fries, debutante balls, Jack & Jill, hurt people hurting people, Tales From The Hood, Fentanyl, a very special feedback, more stray shots, and we talk a little bit about STARZ’s P-Valley



 2022-07-07  2h2m

P-Valley S2E4 'Demethrius'

In this gay ass episode we talk gas prices, foreshadowing, RIP Roe v. Wade, Jensen Ackles and The Boys, Ms. Marvel got good, the Orlando Magic, Star Wars rants, surprise guest appearance, cheating politics, twerk muscles, colorism, Birmingham tales, casual racism, arches, Lena Heady, 3-second rules, elephant revenge, cunning linguists, buffet tales, calling out homophobia, and we talk a little bit about STARZ’s P-Valley

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 2022-06-29  2h1m

episode 3: P-Valley S2E3 'The Dirty Dozen'

In this episode, we talk Baptisms, Fathers Day, Juneteenth, Ms. Marvel, The Boys, Obi-Wan (again), Juwan is a hater, shoe show etiquette, solicitations, Covid consequences, Ocho Cinco, trade tales, Boston lost, Knock Knock, separation of church and state, toxic criticism, and we talk a little bit about STARZ’s P-Valley

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 2022-06-23  1h38m

episode 2: P-Valley S2E2 'Seven Pounds of Pressure'

In this episode we talk about cooking, KFC, 'Everything Everywhere All At Once' (mild spoilers), 'X', viewing attitudes, new faves, Ace Ventura 2, Convenience Stores, Jack Harlow is the lowest of bars, Chris Evans strays, Infinity War, Beyonce, Hoodoo, Erectors, Cirque de Soleil, redacted stories, 'Spartacus', and we talk a little bit about STARZ’s P-Valley!

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 2022-06-14  1h47m

episode 1: P-Valley S2E1 'P-Land'

In this episode, we talk about the P-word, Ambulance, Wrasslin’, the NBA Finals, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Vader’s legacy, Stockholm Syndrome, The Bluest Eye, splooge, stripper equity, high yellas, Grey’s Anatomy, quarantine fatigue, moon pies vs...


 2022-06-08  1h35m

episode 22: We Own This City Part Five & Six w/ Dorian Christian

Since Jamelle was otherwise indisposed we called in a ringer to join the discussion, model and actor Dorian Christian comes on to talk about his journey in show business, the casting process, being cut, behind the scenes, black acting school, handling rejection, police interactions, FTA’s, Baltimore tales, and we talk a little bit about the last two episodes of 'We Own This City'

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 2022-06-05  1h43m