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Rory Sutherland on Alchemy

Rory Sutherland talks about his book Alchemy with host Russ Roberts. He makes the case for the magic of advertising and branding in helping markets work well. Consumer choice, public policy, travel, real estate, and corporate decision-making are also discussed using insights from behavioral economics and decades of experience in the world of advertising.



Venkatesh Rao on Waldenponding

Venkatesh Rao talks about Waldenponding with host Russ Roberts. Rao coined the term to describe retreating from technology akin to Thoreau's extolling the retreat from social contact. He argues it is overrated. Rao sees online intellectual life as an ecosystem that produces new knowledge and discourse. He encourages all of us to contribute to that intellectual ecosystem even when it can mean losing credit for some of our ideas and potentially some of our uniqueness.



Michele Gelfand on Rule Makers, Rule Breakers

Michele Gelfand talks about her book Rule Makers, Rule Breakers with host Russ Roberts. She distinguishes between loose cultures and tight cultures--the degree to which culture and regulation restrict behavior or leave it alone. She explores why some cultures are tighter than others and the challenges societies face when culture is too tight or too loose. She also applies these ideas of cultural tightness and looseness to corporate mergers and family life.



Susan Houseman on Manufacturing

Susan Houseman talks about the manufacturing sector with host Russ Roberts. She argues that the data surrounding manufacturing growth is driven by computer production while the rest of manufacturing has been stagnant. She also argues that productivity has a small role in reducing manufacturing employment. Trade has been the main cause of employment reductions. These claims go against the standard narratives most economists have been telling for the last 20 years.



Andrew McAfee on More from Less

Andrew McAfee talks about his book, More from Less, with host Russ Roberts. He argues that technology is helping developed nations use fewer resources to produce more output, reducing energy use in total. This "dematerialization" portends a future that was unimaginable to the economists and pundits of the past...



Ryan Holiday on Stillness Is the Key

Ryan Holiday talks about his latest book, Stillness Is the Key, with host Russ Roberts. Holiday explores how stillness--the cultivation of serenity and focus--can affect how we live and how we perceive life. Topics discussed include the performance artist Marina Abramovic, Winnie the Pooh, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and Michael Jordan's Hall of Fame induction speech. Holiday also explains how he keeps track of information and how his system makes it easier for him to write his books.


 07 October 2019  1h23m

Sabine Hossenfelder on Physics, Reality, and Lost in Math

Sabine Hossenfelder talks about her book Lost in Math with host Russ Roberts. She argues that the latest theories in physics have failed to find empirical confirmation. She argues that physicists have become overly enamored with the elegance and aesthetics of their theories and that using beauty to evaluate a model is unscientific. The conversation includes a discussion of similar challenges in economics.


 30 September 2019  1h6m

Dani Rodrik on Neoliberalism

Dani Rodrik talks about neoliberalism with host Russ Roberts. He argues that a dogmatic embrace of markets has increased inequality and limited who benefits from economic growth. He argues for a more interventionist approach to the economy with the goal of better-paying jobs and more widely shared prosperity.


 23 September 2019  1h8m

George Will on the Conservative Sensibility

George Will talks about his new book, The Conservative Sensibility, with host Russ Roberts. Will argues for a conservative vision that embraces the dynamic nature of life. Topics include the current political landscape, the American founding, James Madison's vision of government vs. Woodrow Wilson's, Hayek, and of course, a little baseball.


 16 September 2019  1h18m

Daron Acemoglu on Shared Prosperity and Good Jobs

Daron Acemoglu discusses with host Russ Roberts the challenge of shared prosperity and the policies that could bring about a more inclusive economy. Acemoglu argues for the importance of good jobs over redistribution and makes the case for the policies that could lead to jobs and opportunities across skill levels.


 09 September 2019  1h6m