Dumbguzzler Adult Comedy Podcast

Midwest podcast based in Iowa. We focus on current world events as well as local. But REALLY focusing on stupid. This podcast is geared for people that love talk radio without restrictions. You'll have a blast.


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DumbGuzzler Podcast Pt 2, Storm Area 51, Bob Lazar, Hairy Bush Try On Hauls, Men Are Scumbags, MA22 Ma Deuce Deuce, and…Probably Something Racial and Sexist…

On this edition of the DumbGuzzler Podcast we talk all kinds of stuff. This is part 2 of our return podcast. We talk about Storming Area 51, Bob Lazar, some chicks riding the edge of their biscuit showing some short...Read more


 06 August 2019  1h38m

Dumbguzzler Podcast Fat Fetish, Detective Fan Finds BBQ Sauce, Mic 2 Crashes Again

Here’s another fantastic episode of the Dumbguzzler Podcast. We discuss all kinds of things from fat fetishes, to one of our fans tracking down some incredible BBQ sauce for us, to Mic 2’s inability to pilot a motorcycle in his...Read more


 30 July 2019  48m

DumbGuzzler Podcast 4/19/19 Hot Teachers, Lady boys, YouTube parents abusing kids.

Because I always post these later than hell anymore here is one from about a month ago. I’m catching up, quite your griping. We did hacky this day in history, talked about the YouTube (Machelle Hackney) abusing her kids for...Read more


 19 April 2019  1h20m

Chaturbate Podcast 4/4/19

This was actually recorded a while back. Because of my intense schedule being an entrepreneur, world traveler, committed lover to all 3 of my side chicks and my main broad… Time has been limited. You understand. This is a great...Read more


 04 April 2019  1h11m

DumbGuzzler Podcast Mic 2 On A Cruise Namm Show Japanese Hospital Curtain Porn

Today on the podcast we kinda ramble cuz it’s been a bit. But Mic 2 took a cruise, mic 1 hung out at the Namm Show with some pretty cool people. And Mic 2 discusses his new fetish with Japanese...Read more


 08 March 2019  1h51m

DumbGuzzler Podcast Mic 2 Cries At The End, Plumbing, Vegas Trip, Bar Hoping, Beard Oil, Hookers

So, all you really need to know is Mic 2 cries at the end. He was legit crying over fucking ziplock bags. It was the most fantastic thing every. He may be a bit soft. We also discussed dishwasher installs,...Read more


 02 November 2018  1h44m

DumbGuzzler Podcast Manure Truck Crash, Flash Gordon Sex and Much More.

Here’s another fantastic effort from Dumbguzzler. This time we talk about Mic 1 crash with the Manure truck, Mic 2 and his reoccurring Flash Gordon sex dream with Ming the Merciless, tranny parts. The normal idiotizms.


 18 July 2018  1h35m

Chaturbate Podcast Anorexic Haul Try On, Elephant Pussy, Louie C.K And Amy Schumer Doppelganger Ass Fingering, Large Woman Poops Herself

Here is our first chaturbate episode in a long time. It’s was what it always is. And as usual Mic 2 is looking for the most disgusting things possible. So we find a fat woman and her Louie CK lookin...Read more


 12 June 2018  1h53m

So I had a Urethroplasty, Spin the Wheel With Rudy Ray, Terrible YouTube Cover Songs

In this first episode back in a long long time we discuss why I was out. I had to have a Urethroplasty and I discuss the process, the recovery and projected outcome. We also find YouTube sensation Rudy Ray, and some Terrible YouTube cover songs.


 31 May 2018  2h4m

DumbGuzzler Podcast we review chain restaurants Buffalo Wild Wings Screws Me Again, Mic 2 Hates Soup, Pooping Accidents, Terry Crews Noodle Grabbin, and some Chaturbate

We talk about various disgusting chain restaurants, Buffalo Wild Wings Fucks Me Again, Mic 2 has a huge problem with soup. We talk about Terry Crews sexual assault and we get some Chaturbate in there.


 29 November 2017  1h39m