Suzanne Kane & PJ Gallagher have teamed up to bring you a weekly Dubland Podcast! Suzanne & PJ give their take on the week which usually includes a rant from PJ, they award their "Hero of the Week" and Animal facts.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 49m. Bisher sind 213 Folge(n) erschienen. Jede Woche gibt es eine neue Folge dieses Podcasts


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episode 7: The Dubland Christmas Party LIVE!

The Dubland Christmas Party was an enormously fun affair. Suzanne and PJ (and the audience) talked about Christmas movies, Christmas ads, animal facts (with a vet in toe), dogs, a sneaky hotel conspiracy and there is a special guest star of the Dubland podcast...



episode 6: This Worm Has Backflipped Its Way Into The Grave

We start with a heartfelt ode to Lilo, PJ's amazing dog. Then PJ's bank woes. The Young Offenders is back! Suzanne has been watching I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and she is trying to support Andrew Maxwell, but is struggling a little bit. Would either Suzanne or PJ go into the jungle? You'll find out in this episode! The Dubland team gives you tax advice for the self employed and then PJ has his first McDonald's in years. There's paper in my mouth, I don't like it...



episode 5: World Science Week 2 with Dr. Jessamyn Fairfield

It's still science week and we have moved on from rockets to straws. Suzanne's top topic, she is in her element talking about the straws. Dr. David from the last episode stuck around for this one, and we're joined by Dr. Jessamyn Fairfield, nanoscientist and comedian. Yes, straws, keep cups, shampoo, vegetarianism... what is good, what is bad, what is worth doing to save the planet.....


 13 November 2019  55m

episode 4: World Science Week with Dr. David McKeown

It's science week again and Suzanne and PJ are joined by Dr. David McKeown... which he might regret. They talk about space, the moon, Mars, climate change, rockets and all things sciencey. They talk about facts and current trend of pushback against experts and facts. Suzanne is uncertain about the moon. David works with the European Space Agency, so they have different levels of understanding around these subjects. There are phrases like "Gamma ray burst detector" in this episode...


 11 November 2019  50m

episode 3: F**k the Kids, Halloween's Not About Them

It’s Halloween and Suzanne and PJ have strong opinions about the matter. PJ is a big fan (in stark contrast to his feelings on Christmas). They chat about ‘Hocus Pocus’, which PJ shockingly hasn’t seen, Salem (“Disneyland for witches”), mad Scottish witch trials and plenty of Irish legends. PJ makes it clear that Halloween is not for kids, and trick or treaters to his house this year won’t be happy...


 31 October 2019  1h2m

episode 2: I Like Watching Other People Taking Pictures of Their Hoops

Suzanne and PJ talk about Dublin's "Drive for Five" after the men's Dublin Gaelic Football team won their fifth championship in a row. This develops into a discussion about fan culture and stadiums. PJ wore a Kerry jersey.  They tackle female sports, or rather, they do a comprehensive takedown of the attitude that women's sports are no good. After a lot of seriousness, Suzanne admits that she went to Centre Parcs and PJ has a great time slagging her off...


 09 October 2019  57m

episode 1: A Bit of Personal Humiliation a Bit of Ranting, Back to Normal Anyway!

DUBLAND IS BACK!!! After some light settling back in, we're straight into Brexit talk. That gets sorted out, so Suzanne and PJ move on to Greta Thunberg... she gets sorted. There is some stuff about call-out and cancel culture... that's sorted. They move on to the dreaded clampers then, Suzanne's car got clamped - that gets sorted out, eventually. There's talk about Young Offenders, and what they were up to for the Summer...


 25 September 2019  53m

episode 119: Recast: Dubland 43, The One With The Boxing Story

Hello hello, we a have gained a lot of new listeners over the past while, (we love you all) so we have decided to recast an old episode that is very much a favourite. You may have heard of PJ's 'boxing story', well, this is the episode where that comes...


 11 March 2019  54m

episode 118: 117 Dubland

This week on Dubland, PJ and Suzanne criticise Russell Brand’s parenting techniques, PJ doesn’t mind other dogs sniffing around his dog as long as it’s all consensual. Suzanne talks about burglaries in her neighbourhood and tidying up her house so that...


 07 February 2019  43m

episode 117: Dubland 116 - Trying To Clean My Ears With A Lit Candle

It's the first episode of Dubland of 2019! PJ is looking forward to sport, sick of watching the skiing. Suzanne and PJ talk about their dreams of cruise ships and kissing strange men with handlebar moustaches. They talk about the Sunderland Till I Die ...


 23 January 2019  59m