Drinking Biddies

Do you want to like craft beer but don't know where to start? Do you feel like having a favorite Doppelbock will earn you street cred? (Wait. What's Doppelbock, again?) Drinking Biddies Keryl Brown and Jamie Tunkel will always drink a bottle on air, review it, tell stories, and discover a few things about beer along the way. They'll sometimes have guests and sometimes be antisocial. They're just two girls on a journey. A beer journey. Disclaimer: If you're looking for boring, informational lectures about beer, move along. You won't find that here.


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60: Elysian Night Owl Pumpkin Ale feat. Bret VandenBos

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!   “Welcome to our Halloween episode… spooky, spooky, boo?”   “I feel like somehow this entire pod is like a referendum on our friendship.”   “The owl reminded me of Bret.”   BEER RATINGS *SPOILER...



59: Coronado Brewing Leisure Lagoon feat. Jack Dudley (& OUR BRAND NEW MICS)

“This is like a 5.5 in the streets and a 6.8 in the sheets.”   NEW MICS! NEW MICS! NEW MICS! Had to say it three times, cause we have THREE of them. That's right. In the history of the pod, we are now on our THIRD mic set-up. And we each...


 19 September 2019  1h23m

58: Brouwerij West Dog Ate My Homework feat. Ethan Siegler (aka Hopstradamus ) and “Karen & Janet”

 “It looks like I’m about to drink the blood of my enemies.” BIDDIES! We are so thrilled to have Ethan Siegler as our guest this week. This episode is long, but totally worth it. Ethan has an incredible knowledge of beer, and he explains...


 13 June 2019  1h53m

57: Enegren Brewing Co. Valkyrie German-Style Amber feat. Simone Wymbs-Stevens

“Men are supposed to like beer and hotdogs, and women are supposed to like a buttery chardonnay.”   “I haven’t been keeping alcohol in my fridge lately.” “Have you been keeping it out on the counter?”   “There’s a lot of...


 01 April 2019  59m

56: Stoked Cider Co. Tipsy Buddha feat. Molly Wagner

“Cider is like the Brave Heart Lion of beer.” "This smells like first grade.” “Let’s just vomit everything onto this can that will make their eyes light up and their wallets open.”   BEER RATINGS *SPOILER ALERT* -KERYL: 3 -JAMIE: 3.75...


 13 February 2019  59m

55: Ridgeway Brewing Bad Elf & Santa’s Butt feat. Sarah Anderson

Happy Holidays from the Biddies! Wishing all our listeners a healthy, happy, and beer-y great holiday season! CHEERS! We will see you in the new year. - K & J     “I feel like you could drink these beers and still make it onto the nice...


 20 December 2018  1h9m

54: Hard Frescos Brewing Co. Tangy Tamarindo feat. Alyssa Villaire

“I think there are lies happening!” “It smells like bubblegum.” “The only thing I am picturing is beer mixed with La Croix.”   BEER RATINGS *SPOILER ALERT* -Jamie: 3.00 -Keryl: 2.75 -Alyssa: 4.00   GET IN TOUCH: Facebook -...


 26 November 2018  1h1m

EP 53: Mikkeller Raspberry Blush feat. Reese Harvey

“It smells like coffee breath from a teacher.” “I have a problem with the color because I like to be the most beautiful thing in the room.” “How do you feel about IPA?” “Independent People Association?”   BEER RATINGS *SPOILER...


 01 October 2018  56m

52: Evil Twin Every Day, Once A Day, Give Yourself An IPA feat. Shirley Miller

"It's golden urine." - Shirley, on the beautiful color of the beer "It's a fucking sentence." - Jamie, on the name of the beer "I do have really soft hands." - Keryl, on her hands   BEER RATINGS *SPOILER ALERT* Jamie - 4.5 Keryl - 4.5 Shirley -...


 20 August 2018  1h29m

51: Anchor California Lager feat. August Comstock

“It’s called California Lager. It’s basically LOCATION BEER.” “I moderately enjoyed that first sip.” “When you go to a bbq, you just want to attend. I want to make a mark.”   *HOMEBREW ALERT*: In addition to Anchor California...


 31 May 2018  1h25m