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Go inside the walls of Dungeons & Dragons for exclusive interviews and previews! The D&D team sits down each week with celebrities and personalities from across gaming and pop culture to discuss one of the greatest fantasy brands of all-time. We'll talk about the tabletop roleplaying game, as the latest in D&D video games, comics, novels, movies, and television.


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Dragon Talk: Goldie Chan

Do you need sunscreen in Avernus? Kate Welch tackles co-hosting duties and finds herself having to answer this question for Greg, along with an impressive display of robust boating nomenclature. In Lore You Should Know, Chris Perkins drops in and takes some rapid fire questions from Twitter. Our special guest is Goldie Chan who is a writer for Forbes, digital marking expert, and keynote speaker...



Dragon Talk: Ethan and Brett Holt

It's a special bonus episode of Dragon Talk! Kate Welch handles co-hosting duties for Greg Tito, along with Bart Carroll. The three discuss "meta-gaming" along with all-time favorite sidekicks and dragon tattoos. In Lore You Should Know, Chris Perkins discusses Thay. Our special guest today is 12-year-old Ethan Holt and his dad, Brett. Ethan gave a presentation on "Why You Should Play D&D" for his 6th grade passion project...



Dragon Talk: Nina Heath and Selina Heinen of Dwarven Forge

Do you know about Extra Life? Greg & Shelly let you know how you can get involved and grab some amazing perks and exclusive rewards all while helping kids at the same time! In Random Character Generator, Kate Welch stops by and builds out a new character for your games, Ullan Nimblefingers, a Ghostwise Halfling Barbarian...



Dragon Talk: Morgan Peter Brown

What exactly is the anatomy of a centaur? This and other important quandaries are explored by Greg & Shelly during the show welcome. Later, Chris Perkins joins Kate Welch for our favorite Random Character Generator episode yet, which will surely "leaf" you "pining" for more. Our special guest is actor and producer Morgan Peter Brown, whom you would recognize from such television shows as Modern Family and Parks and Recreation, as well as films like Ouija and XX...



Dragon Talk: Kody Keplinger

September 17th, 2019 is going to be a big day! Greg & Shelly make sure you're in the loop. In Lore You Should Know, Chris Perkins talks about the Mournland and the Lord of Blades...



Dragon Talk: Ember Moon

Greg consoles Shelly for getting absolutely obliterated in the Dungeon Mayhem tournament, as well as losing in the consolation bracket. In Lore You Should Know, Chris Perkins talks about the Knights of the Shield & the Knights of the Unicorn...


 19 July 2019  1h33m

Dragon Talk: Ian Lurie & Rand Fishkin

Greg and Shelly start the show getting you all the info you need regarding the new D&D Essentials Kit! And by the way, just how long has Shelly Mazzanoble been working at WoTC? Greg gets to the bottom of it. In Lore You Should Know, Chris Perkins goes into great detail on the upper planes. Our guests this week are two big time leaders in business, marketing, and public speaking. They also happen to be huge D&D fans...


 11 July 2019  1h47m

Dragon Talk: Torn Pixie

Greg and Shelly get things started by making sure you have all the information you need on the upcoming new releases headed your way, including Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus, Baldur's Gate 3, the new Acquisitions Incorporated book, and more! In Lore You Should Know, Chris Perkins talks Strange Fiends. Our guest this week is streamer, artist, podcast host and pixie enthusiast Amorette Terrell, also known as Torn Pixie...


 03 July 2019  1h30m

Dragon Talk: Gardens of Fog

Greg and Shelly open the show introducing Gardens Of Fog, a new adventure for sale on the Dungeon Master's Guild, the brand new Acquisitions Incorporated book and more! Later, Chris Perkins stops by for another edition of Lore You Should Know all about Acquisitions Incorporated. Our interview guests are a few of the master minds behind Gardens Of Fog, Dr. B, Hannah Rose, and Bill Benham...


 27 June 2019  1h37m

Dragon Talk with Susanah Grace

Greg and Shelly open the show talking E3 2019, Baldur's Gate 3, Beadle & Grimm's Sinister Silver Edition of Ghosts of Saltmarsh, and more! Later, Kate Welch drops by for another Random Character Generator and together with Greg builds out a story for Maewyn Hogcollar, a Stout Halfling Sorcerer. Our special guest this week is Susanah Grace, an illustrator and tabletop streamer featured in multiple TTRPG streams including Encounter Roleplay and Web DM...


 20 June 2019  1h39m