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Christine Rants!: Rape Culture

Ugh! Have you heard about the Stanford rapist? Or the young lady at a restaurant in Santa Monica that was almost date raped?! Join Christine ...


 15 June 2016  14m

Episode 28: The Ladies of Doc Od

Hello, listeners! Have you always wondered about your friendly neighborhood Doc Od hosts? Well, you're in luck! Enjoy this episode where we delve into the ...


 13 June 2016  43m

True Histories: Trials of a Stone Bear

Doctor Odyssey is back with a new episode of True Histories. This week's tale follows along the edge of the Saskatchewan River, as elder spiritualist, ...


 11 June 2016  9m

Episode 27: Female Cosplayers

Doc Od's got a new episode! Cosplaying is bigger than ever and this week we've decided to interview two of the women who live and ...


 09 June 2016  44m

Episode 26: Senator Sanders

Hellllllooooooo, listeners! This week Christine was invited to be on a phone conference with Senator Bernie Sanders and she recorded it! Listen in, and learn ...


 05 June 2016  11m

Episode 25.75: Showcasing Local Entertainers

This week Doctor Odyssey is showcasing local artists! This episode's entertainers are comedian and improver Ricky Prieto and YouTube personality Kelsey Lujan. Join us as Christine ...


 03 June 2016  36m

Episode 25.5: Do You Even Crossfit, bro?

Join Christine as she interviews Project Crossfit gym owner Darcy Burton Harlan about what Crossfit is and how you can get involved this summer! The ...


 01 June 2016  21m