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35: Until We Delete Them

Jeff and Christian welcome Devindra Hardawar from Venture Beat and the /Filmcast to the show to discuss Twich's crackdown on copyrighted music, Evolve's delay, Fantasy Flight's new X-COM and Star Wars games, the return of the Sierra brand, and more. In


 11 August 2014  1h35m

34: Uncle George At The Ranch

Jeff and Christian welcome David Nottingham, the co-founder and creative director at Dynamighty to the show to talk about his upcoming game, Counterspy, his history working at Lucasarts and Rockstar, and his choice to develop at a smaller studio. In St


 04 August 2014  1h29m

33: Losing Friends to MOBAs

Jeff and Christian welcome Veronica Belmont to the show to talk about all the big Comic Con news, including the Mako coming back to Mass Effect, a redesign of Batman, the Halo: Nightfall trailer and more!


 28 July 2014  1h26m

32: Don't Choke On That Thing

Jeff and Christian welcome Ben Silverman from Yahoo! Games to talk about The International DOTA Championships, Microsoft laying off 18,000 and MORE!


 21 July 2014  1h43m

31: Between Pot and Pint

Jeff and Christian welcome David Walgrave, Producer on Divinity: Original Sin, to DLC this week to talk about understanding what a game developer does, the EVO 2014 fighting game championships, Raiden joining Mortal Kombat X, Tekken 7 and MORE!


 14 July 2014  1h41m

30: Oh, Sweet Shaders!

Jeff and Christian welcome David Eckelberry, the Game Director of Fable Legends, to the show this week to talk about DnD Next, Cliffy B returning to video game design, Hearthstone tournaments allowing women to play, and MORE!


 07 July 2014  1h35m

29: I'm The Other Vita Guy!

Jeff and Christian welcome Ryan O'Donnell from Area 5 to the show this week, to talk about YouTube going 60 FPS, Games Done Quick raising over $700,000 for charity, a new world record speed run for Super Mario Bros, and more!


 30 June 2014  1h47m

28: Susan Can Go To Space

Jeff and Christian welcome Geoff Engelstein to the show this week, for a special Tabletop Time episode!


 23 June 2014  1h27m

27: You're The Best In Town

Jeff and Christian are joined by the very first member of the DLC 5-Timers Club, Garnett Lee, from Garnett on Games to work through all of the post-E3 news.


 16 June 2014  1h45m

26: E3 Day 3 - Choo Choo

Jeff and Christian welcome Ashley Esqueda, Senior Editor at CNET and host of the uncoming Tomorrow Daily show to help them wrap up a huge week of daily E3 episodes. They discuss The Order 1886, No Man's Sky, Splitoon, Super Smash Bros, and MORE


 13 June 2014  1h44m