Didn't See It Coming by Marc Stoiber

Explore brands that learned from the past and are looking to the future, to succeed today.


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episode 61: Does sustainability and real estate marketing mix?

Spirit Bay is a whole new kettle of fish when it comes to real estate marketing. The village, on the southern coast of Vancouver Island in Canada, was developed based on traditional principles of community design: Building light on the land, with homes f...


 29 August 2019  18m

episode 60: How to market your solar business? Go beyond solar.

Show notes still to come. 


 03 August 2019  26m

episode 59: How to build a top tech city brand

Quick, name two top tech cities. Silicon Valley, and, ummm... Exactly. Being a top tech city and being known as a top tech city are two quite different things. I challenge that the difference all comes down to brand. Here in Victoria BC, my hometown, we'...


 01 August 2019  37m

episode 58: The rise and fall of podcasting?

To me, podcasting is a passion - I simply love bringing guests on who have an interesting perspective on brands, marketing and communication, and I love sharing their ideas with my audience. If someone gives me business because they enjoy my podcast, tha...


 18 July 2019  30m

episode 57: The Calgary Stampede brand: evolve or die?

The Calgary Stampede - the greatest outdoor show on earth - just wrapped up. This year, the show was marred by the tragic deaths of 6 horses in the chuckwagon races, sparking outrage among fans and activists alike.  Is it time for the Calgary Stampede to...


 17 July 2019  21m

episode 56: Pushing past your comfort zone: my University of Adversity interview

My journey through the world of marketing has had its fair share of ups, downs, goods, bads and uglies. So when University of Adversity podcast host Lance Essihos dialled me up to relate my stories to his audience, I happily obliged. Our little chat cove...


 05 July 2019  58m

episode 55: Can you eliminate gender stereotyping from advertising?

On Friday June 21st, the UK enacts a regulation barring gender stereotyping from advertising. It's a noble initiative but, I believe, a futile one. Advertising, to paraphrase Malcolm McLaren, is all about sex. Sex sells. And with sex come stereotypes of ...


 19 June 2019  16m

episode 54: Drake, the Raptors, and the EU election: What's the brand connection?

There's never a shortage of great marketing and brand-related stories. But we really hit the jackpot the last little while. So I went on the air with Mark Brennae of CFAX to talk about it. First, what's up with Drake? Is he the new Toronto Raptors mascot...


 28 May 2019  22m

episode 53: What's in the coffee? The unlikely rise of McDonald's brand brew.

The other day, I was strolling through Costco, and saw McDonald's coffee pods on sale. I was amazed - not so long ago, I was working on the McDonald's account as a creative director and writer, and the coffee was our Achilles' Heel.  How did they do it? ...


 14 May 2019  15m

episode 52: Tiger Woods, Donald Trump, and Boeing. A big day for brands.

Today was a big one. First, Tiger Woods made sporting history with one of the greatest comebacks of all time. What implications were there for Nike, the brand that has stuck by Tiger through thick and thin - and what does this say about the role of brand...


 16 April 2019  20m