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DHUnplugged #456: The Real Deal

Rhetoric about the tariffs and who is actually paying is getting thick. markets smell a rat in the process and are starting to figure this out. We take a look at why markets are reacting so violently, look at the news that is moving stocks and more.


 15 May 2019  1h1m

DHUnplugged #455: The Big Switch

China Trade deal is going great! Check that, maybe not so good after all. WAIT – things are good… Nope, seems that there is a snag. Make up your minds! Employment report takes markets up to new highs, Buffett is buying Amazon – or is he?


 08 May 2019  1h5m

DHUnplugged #454: High-Ho!

Fed meeting this week – Trump pressing for a 1% CUT! $2 trillion in infrastructure spending proposed and no end in sight to the historic U.S. debt. Markets on autopilot, some fun facts and a look at earnings.


 01 May 2019  1h1m

DHUnplugged #453: The Good with The Bad

Earnings are coming in hot and heavy. Some interesting surprises so far and markets are trying to push toward to all-time highs. Global growth continues to slow and Oil is ramping. How much is left in the consumer’s wallet to keep GDP growth moving hig...


 24 April 2019  1h5m

DHUnplugged #452: Fed Disruption

Banks are out with earnings. Generally good numbers, but stocks mixed on the results. The Fed is under fire – President Trump is looking to disrupt the institution in order to goose the markets. Plus – IPOs, Boeing’s continuing saga and more….


 17 April 2019  1h1m

DHUnplugged #451: Earnings Ahoy!

We are approaching earnings season as financials are set to start it off. FOMC remains dovish and markets love it. Closing in on all-time highs. Some interesting charts, a new Closest to the Pin and much more – PLUS we are now on Spotify !


 10 April 2019  58m

DHUnplugged #450: April Flowers

The yield curve, the yield curve!!!! April has some interesting characteristics related to market – will the trend play out? Looking at the LYFT IPO and other names of interest. Some interesting charts, a new Closest to the Pin and much more – PLUS we ...


 03 April 2019  1h4m

DHUnplugged #449: This Time Is Different

Apple has some big announcements this week – though we question the innovation. SneakerGate – some wild news in the show world. A look into the potential for a recession – as the yield curve continues to invert. Some interesting charts,


 27 March 2019  1h3m

DHUnplugged #448: Facebook Frenzy

Some birthday cheer as Andrew is about to turn 54! Digging into some the crazy Facebook news and looking at what is in store for the FOMC rate decision Some interesting charts, a new Closest to the Pin and much more – PLUS we are now on Spotify !


 20 March 2019  1h1m

DHUnplugged #447: Ground Stop

Boeing planes grounded as the investigation of the recent failures continue. Brexit – no idea what to expect at this point. Markets back to rally mode – even in the face of some tough news. Economics, markets and more…. Some interesting charts,


 13 March 2019  1h5m