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Behind the Scenes: (Part 1) How to bring your existing apps and games to the Windows Store with the Desktop Bridge

The Desktop Bridge enables developers to bring their existing apps and games to the Universal Windows Platform. Through the Windows Store, developers have access to an array of integrated Windows features they can leverage within their application...


 07 June 2017  44m

Startup Stories: Fighting information overload with automated summarizations from Agolo

Agolo, is a New York-based startup that’s setting out to help companies fight information overload through AI-powered summarizations. They are the world’s most advanced summarization software as they allow users to connect to news, documents and cloud storage to create summaries in real-time...


 03 June 2017  14m

Behind the Scenes: How GoodbyeWorld Games used Azure to create an automated build pipeline

GoodbyeWorld Games is the Los Angeles-based studio behind “Close Your,” a first-person interactive short story. In the game, you live an entire life from birth to death and make decisions big and small that shape the outcome of that life. The catch is that each scene lasts only as long as you can keep your eyes open. The game uses your webcam to track your eyes in real life, so every time you blink, you skip forward: could be five seconds or five years...


 30 May 2017  33m

Behind the Scenes: How Ingenu uses Azure to push IoT device data into the cloud

Ingenu is building the first wireless Machine Network, the world’s largest IoT network dedicated to connectivity for machines. Operating on a universal spectrum, the company’s RPMA® technology is a proven standard for connecting Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) devices around the world, with more than 35 networks deployed over seven years...


 23 May 2017  39m

Behind the Scenes: Game Development and "The Great Whale Road"

Sunburned Games is an independent studio, which develops its own line of PC games. Their vision is to create hand-crafted gaming experiences with historical authenticity and strong narratives...


 17 May 2017  30m

Behind the Scenes: How a major US research university used Azure & DevOps to Deploy back-end & Student VMs

A major US research university partnered with Microsoft to learn how Azure infrastructure, the Web Apps feature of Azure App Service, and DevOps best practices could better address their need to quickly, easily, and consistently onboard classroom and student infrastructure. This included back-end servers, storage, and networking as well as student virtual machines (VM), organizational authentication, and private and public shares for students to use to submit homework or collaborate in teams...


 10 May 2017  34m

Behind the Scenes: Microsoft and the Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness

The Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness (CCEH) works to prevent and end homelessness by transforming policy and programs to eliminate the root causes of homelessness in Connecticut. CCEH recently partnered with Microsoft and its IT partner Nutmeg Consulting to develop “We Count”, a mobile cross-platform application for iOS, Android, and Windows devices that volunteers used to conduct the Point-in-Time Count, a major national one-night survey of homeless persons...


 28 April 2017  47m

Behind the Scenes: How FishAngler extended their mobile application using Azure Functions

FishAngler is a startup based in South Florida that has a cross-platform mobile app for fishermen to log and share their catches. The app seeks to increase the angler’s overall experience with the rollout of features that enable anglers to record, forecast, and increase their fishing skill level. The collection and segmentation of fishing data will pave the way for anglers to accurately target species like a pro...


 18 April 2017  39m

Behind the Scenes: How CGI Federal uses DevOps to improve the efficiency and quality of its ProperPay offering

Since 1976, US defense, civilian, and intelligence agencies have partnered with CGI Federal to support their mission-essential needs at every stage of the program, product, and business lifecycle. These partnerships fuel CGI’s deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing its clients and inform the development of solutions to help them improve outcomes and maximize results. CGI Federal wanted to investigate DevOps practices to improve the way it develops solutions...


 11 April 2017  36m

Behind the Scenes: How created an IoT solution for BioNautica, an Interactive Therapy app is a startup specializing in health solutions. They leverage next-generation technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), wearable devices, and artificial intelligence to solve some of the hardest problems in healthcare and education. The company’s goal is to create targeted applications and experiences that enhance wellness, improve performance, and enable individuals across the world to attain the highest quality of life. Microsoft recently teamed up with Plas...


 04 April 2017  44m