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Lectures, opinions, insights and interviews from Dr Raywat Deonandan: epidemiologist, global health researcher, journalist, novelist, and science communicator.

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What’s the Hook? Knowledge Translation and Media Best Practices for Researchers

how to turn one's research into an opinion-editorial article


 30 April 2019  1h16m

Indigenous Health in Canada and Guyana

All about my research with indigenous peoples in the rainforests of Guyana.


 06 March 2019  1h51m

Introduction to Systematic Reviews

An introduction to systematic reviews.


 06 March 2019  56m

Truth and Dare

This is the audio of the 2019 keynote address of the University of Ottawa Healthcare Symposium. The topic of the presentation was the epistemology of truth.


 26 January 2019  1h1m

Science Communication: Community Based Research

This is the audio of a lecture I gave to a graduate class in Community Outreach and Media Relations in the Sciences. The topic was communication in community based research, featuring anecdotes from my global health & development work.


 29 May 2018  2h14m

Are Things Getting Better Or Worse?

Poverty, health, life expectancy, population growth, climate change, food production... on a global level, are things getting better or worse?


 01 October 2017  40m

Global Health Ethics: CHEO Grand Rounds

Are global health electives a new kind of colonialism?


 27 September 2017  46m

Research Ethics: Why You Need It

June 29, 2017 — This is the third of three presentations I gave to the attendees of a summer institute on social justice, hosted by the Indian Institute of Technology in Ahmedabad, India. Slides can be downloaded here.  


 29 June 2017  56m

Systematic Reviews: What Are They and How to Do Them

June 28, 2017 — This is the audio of a presentation I gave to attendees of a special summer workshop on social justice, hosted by the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar in Ahmedabad, India. The slides from the presentation are available here.  


 28 June 2017  1h0m

Measuring Poverty

There are many ways to measure poverty, each with advantages and disadvantages.


 27 June 2017  45m