Cultured Meat and Future Food Podcast

Cultured Meat and Future Food is a short-form podcast series discussing the role of plant based food, clean meat, and food technology. The show is focused on asking industry leaders questions for an audience with a non-scientific background. Cultured Meat and Future Food is targeted towards entrepreneurs interested in the food technology space. Support this podcast:

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Food and Artificial Intelligence with Lav Varshney

New Speakers announced! The Cultured Meat Symposium is a conference dedicated to cell-cultured meat or cultivated meat technology. Taking place in San Francisco on November 14 and 15th, check out the speaker line up at Varshney is an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, computer science, neuroscience, and industrial engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.He is also chief scientist of Ensaras, Inc...


 04 October 2019  32m

Ingrid Newkirk, President and Founder of PETA

Ingrid Newkirk is the president and founder of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. She is the subject of the HBO documentary I Am an Animal and has written eight books about helping animals, including Making Kind Choices and ThePETA Practical Guide to Animal Rights. Her new book AnimalKind is due out in January 2020. Her work for animal rights has made headlines around the world. --- Support this podcast:


 09 September 2019  26m

Robert Petrarca of Maxine's Heavenly

Robert Petrarca is the co-founder and CEO of Maxine's Heavenly, a line of vegan, gluten-free, oat based cookies with about 1/2 the sugar as leading natural brands of cookies.  Maxine's Heavenly cookies are mom's homemade recipe made so much better for you...


 31 August 2019  24m

Philip Saneski of ReGrained

Philip Saneski is the VP of Product and Commander-in-Chef of ReGrained, a mission-driven brand ingredient platform that connects urban craft breweries to sustainable food systems...


 17 August 2019  42m

episode 36: Guy Crims of The Butcher Shop by Niku Steakhouse

Guy Crims, or “Guy the Butcher,” as he’s generally known, is a veteran of the butcher business and a legend in the world of Japanese Wagyu. In 2017 alone, Crims was responsible for bringing 4.3 metric tons of Wagyu beef into the U.S.  Crims, a California native, became fascinated with the butcher business when he was 14 after reading The Jungle, Upton Sinclair’s novel depicting the American meatpacking industry in early 20th century...


 04 August 2019  30m

Dr. Yuki Hanyu of IntegriCulture

Yuki Hanyu got his Ph.D in chemistry from Oxford University in 2010.After working as a research scientist in Tohoku University and Toshiba Research and Development Center, he founded the "Shojinmeat Project", the world’s first citizen science community for DIY open-source cell-based meat.Based on the low-cost cell culture technology developed in Shojinmeat Project, he founded IntegriCulture Inc. in 2015 to commercialize cell-based meat...


 31 July 2019  23m

Mike Selden of Finless Foods

Mike Selden is the Co-founder and CEO of Finless Foods, a cellular agriculture company developing future food technology. In this episode, we explore the differences between cultured beef and seafood products, seafood consumption in the Asia pacific region compared to the United States, and Silicon Valley deep tech. --- Support this podcast:


 14 June 2019  36m

Series Swap: Adam Yee of My Food Job Rocks and Hugh Thomas of Ugly Drinks

This episode will feature another podcast, the My Food Job Rocks podcast!Adam Yee is the host of the My Food Job Rocks podcast, a podcast about food science and technology. On this episode, he interviews Hugh Thomas, co-founder of Ugly Drinks. The episode title is EP. 105 – The Beauty in Branding Ugly, with Hugh Thomas, CEO and CoFounder at Ugly Drinks.Thank you Adam and Hugh for a great discussion! You can learn more about Adam's podcast at www.myfoodjobrocks...


 07 June 2019  53m

episode 32: Fabio Ziemssen of NX-Food

Fabio and Alex chat about the next wave of future foods and the aspects of a successful product on store shelves.Fabio Ziemssen is the Director of Food Innovation at NX-FOOD a METRO AG subsidiary responsible for concepts in the digital environment of food and food innovation.As a blogger for the e-Food Blogs he organized meetings throughout Germany for the Food Startups scene such as German Food Startup Meetups, Next Generation Food Think Tank, FoodStartup Market, and more...


 30 May 2019  33m

Dr. Vitor Santo of JUST

Vitor Espirito Santo is a Senior Scientist at JUST focused on the planning and implementation of the clean meat program in the company, from early stage cell line selection and characterization to early bioprocess optimization...


 24 May 2019  29m