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Lunch with Fuchsia Dunlop at Mama Chang (Bonus)

Three years after her first appearance, Chinese food expert Fuchsia Dunlop joins Tyler for a delicious homestyle Chinese meal.



episode 79: Ted Gioia on Music as Cultural Cloud Storage

With music, forget about “high brow” versus “low brow.” The real distinction is between the innovative and the formulaic.



episode 78: Henry Farrell on Weaponized Interdependence, Big Tech, and Playing with Ideas

The one concept most valuable for understanding the news today might be Henry Farrell's theory of weaponized interdependence.



episode 77: Ben Westhoff on Synthetic Drugs, Dive Bars, and the Evolution of Rap

Does it matter that Hasbro owns Death Row Records?


 09 October 2019  1h0m

episode 76: Alain Bertaud on Cities, Markets, and People

The Indiana Jones of urban planning shares what he's learned.


 25 September 2019  1h20m

episode 75: Samantha Power on Learning How to Make a Difference

Power's chronicled genocide, but the memoir may have been the hardest thing she's had to write.


 11 September 2019  1h6m

episode 74: Hollis Robbins on 19th Century Life and Literature

And why aren't there more operas about tech founders?


 28 August 2019  50m

episode 73: Masha Gessen on the Ins and Outs of Russia

And what did The Americans get right that Chernobyl missed?


 14 August 2019  1h8m

episode 72: Kwame Anthony Appiah on Pictures of the World

What can one learn from farming sheep in New Jersey?


 31 July 2019  1h1m

episode 71: Neal Stephenson on Depictions of Reality

If you want to speculate on the development of tech, no one has a better brain to pick than Neal Stephenson.


 17 July 2019  54m