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episode 305: Calibrating Disney+

Note: This episode was recorded the week Disney+ launched. As such some of the information regarding features is a bit out of date. The rest of the discussion is gold though, so give it a watch or listen. This week on the Constantly Calibrating...



episode 306: Calibrating Influencer Marketing with Sky Shows

The holiday season begins in the US and this week Josh sat down with long-time friend of the show, Sky Shows. On the show they talked about Sky's unique career path, working with Into the AM, devising and creating influencer management programs,...



episode 304: Calibrating Halloween Spookiness with Kam Konek and HellsBells

It's time to get spooky as Josh and Justin don totally comfortable costumes and welcome Kam Konek (The New Entertainment System Podcast) & Bells (Girls Play) to the show. The topics are all about horror films, Halloween costumes and traditions,...


 05 November 2019  1h16m

episode 302: Calibrating Aaron Linde & Dreamhack

For episode 302 of the Constantly Calibrating Podcast Josh and Justin sat down with Aaron Linde, Programming Producer for Dreamhack. On the show they tackled Aaron's journey into the gaming and esports landscape, and what led to him heading up...


 15 October 2019  1h2m

episode 301: Calibrating Shotcall

This week Constantly Calibrating enters our 300's. For the start of this next journey Josh and Justin sat down with Gordon Li & Riley Auten, Co-Founders of Shotcall. Shotcall is a brand new service allowing streamers an easier, more efficient way...


 11 October 2019  54m


This is the 300th episode of the Constantly Calibrating Podcast, featuring returning co-hosts from long ago. Josh and Justin are joined by Brad Coggins, Brian McDaniel, and Constantly Calibrating Co-Founder Steven Needham (not seen since 2013) for a...


 09 October 2019  2h22m

episode 299: Calibrating Kahlief Adams of Spawn on Me

Today is one of those dreams come true podcasts, as we wrap up the 200's for Constantly Calibrating with the delightful Kahlief Adams of Spawn on Me. Kahlief is a brilliant podcaster and overall human and was a delight for us to have on the show....


 26 September 2019  1h12m

episode 299: Calibrating Your Worth featuring Aiden Strawhun, Matthew Finneman, & Nathan Brandt

This week on the Constantly Calibrating Podcast we threw planning out the window as we last minute needed to compile a podcast. The pitched topic: "Let's get drunk and discuss Gears 5!" Was this accomplished? Honestly even as the editor of this...


 24 September 2019  1h24m

episode 297: Calibrating PAX West 2019 ft. Chloe Naylor, Ben Bellevue, & Kate Sanchez

Wrapping up our PAX West 2019 coverage this week, Josh and Justin chatted with a bevy of new guests on the Constantly Calibrating Podcast! Our duo chatted with Kinda Funny Up and Comer Chloe Naylor (EchoChlo), screenwriter Ben Bellevue, and Editor in...


 17 September 2019  57m

episode 296: Calibrating D23, Marvel News, & Star Wars Theories with TwoHeadedGiant

Look, we're not even at episode 300 yet, and we're only on episode like 5 or 6 of our return from hiatus, but this may be the best show Constantly Calibrating has ever done. Top 20 at least. We were joined this week by Nathan Brandt (aka...


 30 August 2019  1h48m