Community Pulse

Community Builders Mary Thengvall, Jason Hand, and PJ Hagerty interview experts in the field of Community Leadership and Management on a broad range of topics related to building community.

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episode 42: After Pulse: What's After DevRel?

Your hosts sit down to discuss the finer points of the episode - what does happen after DevRel? We take a look at some of the antecedents leading to leaving DevRel and the options we've heard folks consider in our travels and conversations.



episode 42: What's After DevRel? Job Fluidity, Career Paths, and New Roles

Job Fluidity, Career Paths, and New Roles



After Pulse: Audience Segmentation

Mary and PJ recap their conversation with SJ and Jesse, diving further into where personas fit into a DevRel strategy as well as how to acknowledge when the data you're finding doesn't reflect the ideas represented in your strategy.


 28 October 2019  9m

episode 41: Audience Segmentation: Why Finding Your Core Community is an Integral Piece of a Successful DevRel Strategy

Why Finding Your Core Community is an Integral Piece of a Successful DevRel Strategy


 19 October 2019  47m

After Pulse: Open Source Community Management

Jason, PJ, and Mary grab a post episode chat on titles, Open Source Community Management, and hills people seek out to raise their flags.


 02 October 2019  17m

episode 40: Open Source Community Management (Ep 40)

In this episode of Community Pulse, Jason, PJ, and Mary talk to Rain Leander and Sherrie Rohde about their role as Community Managers for open source projects and how this differs from what’s now considered Developer Relations.


 18 September 2019  38m

After Pulse: Moving Day

Jason and PJ get together after the show to talk moving in and out of communities, meetups, when things change, and reflect on the episode and guests' input in general.


 18 September 2019  19m

episode 39: Moving Day

Changing jobs sometimes means changing communities.


 08 August 2019  36m

After Pulse: Conference Season

Mary, PJ, and Jason talk about how things have changed in the realm of tech conferences over the last decade. They discuss at what point a company should start sponsoring conferences as well as how to mitigate team-wide burnout and the fact that...


 01 August 2019  25m

episode 38: Conference Season: Is It a Thing?

Is it a Thing?


 25 July 2019  48m