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A weekly talk show taking a pragmatic look at the art and business of Software Development and related technologies.

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375: The Grey Havens

We say goodbye to the show by taking a look back at a few of our favorite moments and reflect on how much has changed in the past seven years.


 17 September 2019  33m

374: Python's Long Tail

As Python 2's demise draws near we reflect on Python's popularity, the growing adoption of static typing, and why the Python 3 transition took so long. Plus Apple's audacious app store tactics, Google's troubles with Typescript, and more!


 10 September 2019  33m

373: Interactive Investigations

We debate the best way to package scripting language apps then explore interactive development and the importance of a good shell.


 03 September 2019  37m

372: Crystal Clear

We're back and going crazy about Crystal, a statically typed language that's as fast as C and as slick as ruby.


 27 August 2019  54m

371: Absurd Abstractions

It’s a Coder Radio special all about abstraction. What it is, why we need it, and what to do when it leaks.


 20 August 2019  39m

370: F'ing #

Things get heated when it’s time for Wes to check-in on Mike’s functional favorite, F#, and share his journey exploring modern .NET on Linux.


 13 August 2019  44m

369: Old Man Embraces Cloud

Chris finally gets excited about Docker just as Wes tells him it’s time to learn something new.


 06 August 2019  49m

368: Clojure Clash

Mike and Wes debate the merits, and aesthetics, of Clojure in this week's rowdy language check-in.


 30 July 2019  43m

367: 10x Evilgineers

Mike rekindles his youthful love affair with Emacs and we debate what makes a "10x engineer".


 23 July 2019  34m

366: Functional First

It’s a Coder Radio special as Mike and Wes dive into functional programming in the real world and share their tips for applying FP techniques in any language.


 16 July 2019  38m