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Channel 9 is a community. We bring forward the people behind our products and connect them with those who use them. We think there is a great future in software and we're excited about it. We want the community to participate in the ongoing conversation. This is the heart of Channel 9. We talk about our work but listen to the customer.

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Xamarin.Forms 101: XAML Previewer | The Xamarin Show

Let's take a step back in a new mini-series that I like to call Xamarin.Forms 101. In each episode we will walk through a basic building block of Xamarin.Forms to help you build awesome cross-platform iOS, Android, and Windows applications in .NET. This week we will look at how to visualize your application with the built in XAML Previewer for iOS and Android. Show Notes: Xamarin.Forms XAML Previewer DocumentationNever Miss an Episode: Follow @TheXamarinShowLearn more about Xamarin, Xamarin...



Confidential Consortium Framework (CCF) Part II: A deeper look and demos | Block Talk

In the second part of the CCF series of videos, we get a deeper look at and demonstrations of Microsoft's open source Confidential Consortium Framework (CCF), which leverages Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technology to provide full confidentiality, high transaction throughput, and governance capabilities for blockchain and multi-party application builders. Additional details about CCF can be found at Follow @CH9 Follow @MSFTBlockchain



Mission-driven careers with Amanda Silver | Careers Behind the Code

Join Amanda Silver, our first PM guest to learn more about how she accelerated her career with customer understanding and how she harnesses a sense of mission to stay motivated to achieve more...



Writing tests with MSTest v2 | On .NET

The Microsoft Test Framework (MSTest) is an extensible testing framework for .NET applications. With MSTest v2, developers now have the ability to target .NET Core. In this episode, Sarabjot Singh sits down with Kendra to give us a demonstration of how developers can get started with MSTest v2 and make use of some of the newer features. [01:08] - What is MSTest?[02:58] - What is new with MSTest v2?[06:30] - How to migrate from MSTest v1 to v2?[09:40] - How to create a new ...



Working with Azure DevOps using the Azure DevOps CLI | The DevOps Lab

In this episode, Damian speaks to George Verghese from the Azure DevOps team about the new Azure DevOps CLI. There are several ways to work with Azure DevOps, and if your goal is automation, the CLI should definitely be in your toolbelt. George explains why you may want to use the CLI over the other options, and walks through its capabilities, how to use it, and some of the scenarios it can help with...



Onboard to Azure Security Center for IoT | Internet of Things Show Azure Security Center for IoT can help you monitor and manage your IoT security posture. Organizations can now easily protect their IoT deployments using hundreds of built-in security assessments drawn from the industry best practices, or create custom rules in a central dashboard. With newly added IoT security capabilities, you can now reduce attack surface for your Azure IoT solution and remediate issues before they can be exploited...



TWC9: Ninja on Mixer, WSL 2 Updates, Docs Samples Browser and more | This Week On Channel 9

This week on Channel 9, Christina is back with the latest developer news including: [00:18] Christina's Shirt [00:41] NINJA on Mixer [01:08] WSL 2 Updates [02:03] Docker for Desktop WSL Technical Previewand Scott Hanselman's blog with his thoughts [03:05] Samples Browser and you can browse samples directly [04:06] Electron 6.0...



Azure Foundation for nonprofits | Azure Friday

Jane Mareth joins Scott Hanselman to show how nonprofits with limited budgets can accelerate their cloud adoption with Azure Foundation for nonprofits. The Azure Foundation provides prescriptive scripts, documentation, and diagrams to help nonprofits quickly adopt Microsoft Azure. Azure Foundation also includes governance and security guidance specific to the most common nonprofit scenarios...



Create dependent pipelines in your Azure Data Factory | Azure Friday

Data integration is complex and has many moving parts that spans across hybrid data environments. Typically, data integration projects have dependencies upstream and downstream making dependencies an important aspect to consider in any job scheduling. Gaurav Malhotra joins Scott Hanselman to show how you can create dependent pipelines in Azure Data Factory by creating dependencies between tumbling window triggers in your pipelines...



Exploding Bill of Materials using Graph Shortest Path | Data Exposed

In this demo, we will show how you can explode a Bill of Materials using Graph Shortest Path function, introduced with SQL Server 2019 CTP3.1, to find out which BOMs/assemblies a given product/part belongs to. This information can be useful for reporting or product recall scenarios. We will explore the Shortest Path function and try to understand different ways in which it can be used. More information: SQL Server Graph official documentation: