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Channel 9 is a community. We bring forward the people behind our products and connect them with those who use them. We think there is a great future in software and we're excited about it. We want the community to participate in the ongoing conversation. This is the heart of Channel 9. We talk about our work but listen to the customer.

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Ramping up Predictive Maintenance using Machine Learning with Val Fontama

In our going series showcasing the awesome community contributed content in the Cortana Intelligence GaIlery, I have with me Val Fontama. Val Fontama is a Principal Data Scientist Manager on the Azure team. Today he is chatting with us about the Predictive Maintenance model in the Gallery that predicts yield failure in a semiconductor manufacturing process. Predictive maintenance helps you deal with a problem even before it occurs saving you time and money...


 14 October 2016  1h4m

Interview with Thomas Dohmke

In this interview, Senior DevOps Program Manager Donovan Brown interviews Principal PM Manager Thomas Dohmke about Mobile DevOps. You can download the Test Recorder for Visual Studio here. Blog: DonovanBrown.comFollow @DonovanBrown Follow @ashtom


 14 October 2016  36m

Interview with Kendra Havens | GALs

Golnaz and Kaitlin had the chance to sit down with the .NET team's newest member, Kendra Havens. Kendra Havens is a recent graduate of the University of Oklahoma. Learn more about how she started at Microsoft, her favorite technologies, and whether she's team Star Wars or Star Trek. Kendra will be creating videos for the .NET team. Check out her latest videos: Get started with VS Code using C# and .NET Core on WindowsGet started with VS Code using C# and ...


 14 October 2016  20m

Creating IoT apps for the Xbox

"Best for You" is a sample app that demonstrates how to integrate an IoT solution with an Xbox app. Watch the video to get an overview of the sample and learn more about UWP apps on Xbox at


 13 October 2016  1m

Joel Spolsky Talks About Building Stack Overflow and Values Developers Care About

While Joel Spolsky, co-founder and CEO of Stack Overflow, was recently in town we talked about the early days of Stack Overflow, building the platform on the Microsoft stack and some of the interesting developments along the way. We also went into detail on some of Stack Overflow's newest products like Developer Story and Documentation. Announced this week, Developer Story aims to be a new take on the traditional resume in which developers highlight what matters most to them...


 13 October 2016  28m

Building the Rush 4 - Part 4 FPV gear, final assembly and a hover | Drones Garage

Welcome to the Drones Garage Show, a showcase produced by the Drones Chapter of the Microsoft Garage. Our goal is to create a community of people excited about drones and their possibilities. We will explore many aspects of working with drones including FPV racing, aerial photography, and programming. In this episode, chapter lead Jacob is joined by Golnaz as they takes you through how to wire up the FPV gear, final assembly and a hover (maybe)...


 13 October 2016  36m

Using the Desktop Bridge | Visual Studio Toolbox

In this episode, Robert is joined by Stefan Wick, who shows how to convert a desktop app to a UWP app using the Desktop Bridge. Stefan demonstrates some of the benefits of using the Desktop Bridge, including clean install and uninstall and taking advantage of Windows 10 features including push notifications, Live Tile updates and background tasks. All of this without having to rewrite the existing app.


 12 October 2016  25m

NoSQL Database Programming in .NET with NosDB (Open Source)

This videos gives you an overview of how you can use a NoSQL Document Database in your .NET applications. NosDB is a 100% native .NET Open Source NoSQL Database (released under the Apache 2.0 License). NosDB is extremely fast and linearly scalable and allows your .NET applications to handle extreme transaction loads (XTP). NosDB also helps you accelerate your .NET development by providing a flexible JSON schema...


 12 October 2016  20m

Using Distributed Caching in .NET Applications with NCache (Open Source)

This videos gives an overview of how you can use NCache to scale your .NET applications. NCache is a 100% Native .NET Open Source distributed cache (released under Apache License, Version 2.0). NCache provides an extremely fast and linearly scalable distributed cache that caches application data and reduces expensive database trips. Use NCache to remove performance bottlenecks related to your data storage and databases and scale your .NET applications to extreme transaction processing (XTP)...


 12 October 2016  30m

The Xamarin Show 6: User Interface Automation with Charles Wang | The Xamarin Show

This week, James is joined by friend of the show Charles Wang, Automation Software Engineer at Microsoft, who talks to us about the importance of testing mobile applications. We focus on user interface automation with Xamarin.UITest to build out a full test suite for mobile apps all in C# from Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio for both iOS and Android...


 12 October 2016  46m