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Channel 9 is a community. We bring forward the people behind our products and connect them with those who use them. We think there is a great future in software and we're excited about it. We want the community to participate in the ongoing conversation. This is the heart of Channel 9. We talk about our work but listen to the customer.

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Over-the-air software updates for Azure IoT Hub with | Internet of Things Show

Introduction to a secure and robust over-the-air (OTA) software update process for Azure IoT Hub with, an open source update manager for connected devices. We will cover key considerations for being successful with software updates to connected devices and show a live demo deploying software to a physical device. Learn more about Check out the docs: the community: https://hub.mender...



Using Azure Blockchain Development Kit for Ethereum | Block Talk

In this first of a multi-part episode, we show how to use the VS Code extension – Azure Blockchain Development Kit for Ethereum, to scaffold out a basic Solidity project, compile it and deploy that contract to a private Azure Blockchain Service, and to a public testnet using Infura. Follow @CH9 Follow @MSFTBlockchain



TWC9: VS Code Updates, Microsoft and Oracle, GitHub Desktop 2.0, Xbox Body Wash and more | This Week On Channel 9

This Week on Channel 9, Christina is back from international travel and a few days off (WE WERE NOT CANCELED), is sporting her Rocket t-shirt and is ready got get into the week's latest dev news, including: [00:35] Insider Dev Tour [01:17] Microsoft and Oracle Announce Cloud Partnership [02:20] GitHub Desktop 2...



Blazor in the cloud: Hosting a C# SPA app as a static website in Azure Storage | Azure Friday

Jeremy Likness joins Donovan Brown to show how Blazor enables C# and .NET SPA (single page application) apps to run in all modern browsers, even mobile browsers without plugins. Learn how you can host it using inexpensive Azure Storage, static websites, and an optional CDN. Introduction to BlazorFrom Angular to Blazor: The Health AppHosting a Blazor App in Azure Storage Static WebsitesStatic website hosting in Azure Storage (docs)Create a free account (Azure)



App Center Distribution Enhancements And Auto Provisioning | The Xamarin Show | The Xamarin Show

This week, James is joined by friend of the show Amanda Chew, App Center Program Manager, shows us the latest features in App Center distribution for mobile applications. She also shows how to easily auto provision your iOS applications all from inside of App Center. Show Links: App CenterDocumentation: App Center DistributionFind James on: Twitter, GitHub, Blog, and his weekly podcast Merge Conflict...



More Code, Less Typing | Visual Studio Toolbox

In this episode, Robert is joined by Allison Bucholtz-Au, who shows us how IntelliSense cuts down the number of keystrokes required to write code in Visual Studio. Even if you have been using IntelliSense for years, you are sure to see a thing or two you didn't it could do.



Becoming the ASP.NET Architect with David Fowler | Careers Behind the Code

In this episode, David Fowler, the Partner Architect for the ASP.NET team walks you through landing his first job, moving from a dev to an architect role and what he had to learn and let go of at every step along the path. (David intros himself as a Principal Architect but his promotion was announced right after we filmed...



Azure IoT Edge Security Model | Internet of Things Show

Securing IoT devices and the code that runs on them is key to securing any IoT application end-to-end. And IoT Edge, the open source runtime that allows running cloud workloads at the edge, is no exception. Is this episode of the IoT Show, Eustace Asanghanwa, security PM in the Azure IoT team, walks us through the Azure IoT Edge security model and describes the Azure IoT Edge Security Manager. Learn more about the Azure IoT Edge Security Manager: https://aka...



Five Tools for Building API's with GraphQL | Five Things

Five Things is back, baby! We're back and this week we're bringing you five tools for building API's with GraphQL. True story, we shot this at the end of about a twelve hour day and you can see the pain in Burke's eyes. It's not GraphQL he doesn't like, it's filming for six straight hours. Also, Chris picks whistles over bells (because of course he does) and Burke fights to stay awake for four minutes...



ASP.NET Community Standup - June 4th, 2019 - gRPC with the gRPC Team | .NET Community Standups

Join members from the ASP.NET teams for our community standup covering great community contributions for ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, and more. Suggest an idea for a standup Useful Links: .NET.NET Community ResourcesVisual Studio Twitch Channel.NET Foundation YouTubeCreate a Free Account (Azure):