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Channel 9 is a community. We bring forward the people behind our products and connect them with those who use them. We think there is a great future in software and we're excited about it. We want the community to participate in the ongoing conversation. This is the heart of Channel 9. We talk about our work but listen to the customer.

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MainThread (Xamarin.Essentials API of the Week) | The Xamarin Show

Xamarin.Essentials provides developers with cross-platform APIs for their mobile applications. On this week's Xamarin.Essential API of the week we take a look at the MainThread API to enable you to check if the code you are about to execute will run on the main user interface thread and a way to invoke code on the main thread if it isn't. Show Notes: Xamarin.Essentials DocumentationXamarin...



Server-side Blazor in .NET Core 3.0 | On .NET

In this episode, Shayne Boyer sits down with Daniel Roth to get an understanding of what Blazor is and what benefits does it bring to the table for building web applications [00:15] - What is Server-side Blazor (formerly know as Razor Components)?[02:13] - Why would you want to use this for frontend development?[05:42] - What are the differences between Blazor on the server and on the client?[11:22] - What are the benefits of the blazer component model?[13:22] - How would you choose between...



Azure IoT Edge development with Azure DevOps | Internet of Things Show

The Internet of Things is a technology paradigm that involves the use of internet connected devices to publish data often in conjunction with real-time data processing, machine learning, and/or storage services. Development of these systems can be enhanced through application of modern DevOps principles which include tasks like automation, monitoring, and all steps of the software engineering process from development, testing, quality assurance, and release...



What are the different types of containers and usages? | One Dev Question

Did you know that Windows has four types of containers? In today's video, Arun Kishan, a Distinguished Engineer here at Microsoft, tells us how they work.



TWC9: New Flight Simulator, WSL 2 for Insiders, Visual Studio Code Java Pack and more | This Week On Channel 9

This Week on Channel 9, Christina is celebrating the start of summer (and the breaking news of Taylor Swift's new album!), wearing Supreme, and ready to dive into the latest developer news, including: [00:46] Microsoft renews its sponsorshipof the AdoptOpenJDK project [01:17] Visual Studio Code Java Pack [02:06] .NET Core 3...



Troubleshoot resource property changes using Change History in Azure Policy | Azure Friday

Jenny Hunter joins Donovan to showcase a new integration inside Azure Policy that enables you to see recent changes to the properties for non-compliant Azure resources. Public preview of the Resource Change History API is also now available. Determine causes of non-compliance: Change history (Preview)Public Preview: Resource Change History APIResource Graph: Get resource changesAzure Policy overviewCreate a free account (Azure)



Prism Modules for Xamarin.Forms | The Xamarin Show | The Xamarin Show

This week, James is joined by Dan Siegel, Microsoft MVP and Prism maintainer, who shows us a super cool feature of Prism for Xamarin.Forms to create modular apps. He shows how to create a modular application that is divided into a set of loosely coupled functional units (named modules) that can be integrated into a larger application. Show Links: Xamarin Developer SummitPrism LibraryFind James on: Twitter, GitHub, Blog, and his weekly podcast Merge Conflict...



Try the new System.Text.Json APIs! | On .NET

In this video, Immo is joined by Ahson Khan, developer on the BCL team, to talk about the new System.Text.Json APIs. They explain how the new APIs relate to JSON.NET, what's so cool about them, and how you can use them. Tune in! Links: System.Text.Json Blog Download .NET Core 3.0



Endpoint zone 1906 - co-management vs co-existence | The Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson

In this episode of The Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson, Brad and Simon talk about Windows PCs in the modern workplace and what it means to manage them. They spend time delving into the reasons why co-management is better than co-existence and why ONLY Intune and ConfigMgr can provide co-management. Also as mentioned, here's a link to the Microsoft Office Twins Challenge



Willow is the digital twin for the built world | Internet of Things Show

Willow and Microsoft are partnering together to empower every person and organization to connect with the built world in a whole new way. This digital disruption is happening today, with Digital Twin technology. https://www.willowinc.com