Ceti Alpha 3: A Star Trek Podcast

Darren, Daniel, and Phillip are marooned on Ceti Alpha 3 with only their expansive knowledge of Star Trek, and a sense of humor, to keep them alive. Join the trio as they discuss 50 years of Trek TV series and feature films.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 58m. Bisher sind 154 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast


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150 - Magnito's Headband

Betazed Society. Star Trek: The Next Generation first introduced the telepathic alien race of Betazeds - and we never got much more from them. Certainly the Trois showed up in other Trek series, and an occasional Betazed character would pop up...



149 - Never Give Up

Galaxy Quest "The Best Star Trek Movie!" Whether you agree with that assessment about the 1999 film "Galaxy Quest," there's no denying its deep ties to the Star Trek franchise. Phillip, Darren, and Daniel look at how this movie made fun of Trek...



148 - National Phaser Association

Trek Tech Economic Destruction. Fans often speculate about the nature of the 24th century economy and society - but what would happen today? The trio looks at the various bits of Trek technology and how it would affect society if it was introduced...



147 - Does Data Dream of Electronic Sheep

Requiem for Data. ​The death of Data in Star Trek: Nemesis remains controversial. Some see it as a logical end to his story. Others see it as a random checklist event that leaves a bitter after taste. No matter your opinion, fans know that Brent...


 02 November 2019  59m

146 - The Points Don't Matter

Trivia and Random Rankings The trio take a break from hard-hitting, Star Trek analysis for a session of Trek trivia and random rankings. Phillip plays host as Darren and Daniel attempt to answer a slew of questions covering the Star Trek franchise....


 25 October 2019  1h5m

145 - Spacesonian

The Future of the Enterprise-E. Jean-Luc Picard will return to the small screen in 2020, and fans will get answers to a lot of “What happened to...?” questions. One of those questions is, What happened to the Enterprise-E? Is it still in service?...


 20 October 2019  1h1m

144 - Q&A on Q&A

Star Trek Universe Updates It's been a busy fall for the Star Trek franchise! More details have come out about the beginning of "Star Trek: Picard" and season three of "Star Trek: Discovery." The second season of Short Treks has begun, with the...


 13 October 2019  59m

143 - Decker's Vacated Quarters

Are They Really That Bad? - Star Trek: The Motion Picture. It's the 40th anniversary of Star Trek's first movie - and there are mixed feelings. Franchise fans are glad that TMP led to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, eventually creating many movies...


 05 October 2019  1h12m

142 - Suicide Squad 31

Building a Star Trek Suicide Squad There are many heroes in Star Trek, as well as many villains. Then there are those characters who are a bit more grey, or maybe just evil, but who we love to watch. The trio examine which of these characters in the...


 20 September 2019  50m

141 - Side Quests

“Episodic” Episodes. ​The Star Trek television franchise has evolved its storytelling format over several decades. In many ways, one can watch episodes of The Original Series in almost any order whilst doing the same with Discovery would cause mass...


 16 September 2019  1h2m