Business Unusual

The best disruptors are focused on customers not products, they use technology rather than fear it, they create new opportunities often where regulations don't exist and they are backed by those with deep pockets and an appetite for risk. Colin Cullis presents stories of Business Unusual - those people and companies driving the next industrial revolution.

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Radio's past may ensure its future

All media has been disrupted by the web and mobile. What is the impact on radio?


 30 August 2017  12m

This sport requires you to run, drive and fight all while remaining seated

eSports are more than just a game now and may even be an Olympic sport by 2024.


 23 August 2017  10m

Great ideas that at first flopped

There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come, wrote Victor Hugo in one of the variations of his original quote. Then there is the quote that says, build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door. There is value in both but the truth is that it takes more than a great idea or a better mousetrap to change the world. Many of the products that have changed the world were not the first to use the idea that made them famous.


 16 August 2017  9m

A recap of the subjects covered on Business Unusual so far

There are almost 100 episodes of Business Unusual now, in case you missed some, here is what you can find.


 10 August 2017  12m

What 30 years of data tells us about the past and future of the super wealthy

Changes to the Forbes Rich List is like a financial history of the world, reflecting economic booms and busts.


 02 August 2017  9m

Everything you need to know about the dark web, but were too afraid to ask

The recent closure of two illegal online marketplaces selling contraband has put the dark web back in the spotlight.


 26 July 2017  11m

The Alibaba Group does not see itself as a company but an economy

Alibaba founder Jack Ma says the future is his biggest competitor and he wants young entrepreneurs to help him succeed.


 19 July 2017  10m

If a minimum wage is a good idea, what about a maximum?

Salary caps are not new, but wage gaps have never been this big, perhaps this is how could we address it.


 12 July 2017  10m

What the Google fine might say about the future control of the internet

How an organisation you may not have heard of controls the internet and may be needed to control more of it. Correction: the audio states the fine was R35 trillion, it should be R35 billion.


 05 July 2017  8m

Half this article will no longer be true in the future

Humans acknowledge that change is inevitable, but resist it anyway.  


 28 June 2017  10m