Business Unusual

The best disruptors are focused on customers not products, they use technology rather than fear it, they create new opportunities often where regulations don't exist and they are backed by those with deep pockets and an appetite for risk. Colin Cullis presents stories of Business Unusual - those people and companies driving the next industrial revolution.

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Humanity 2.0: Tech is driving our evolution

Technology is becoming the driver of human evolution. It took another step forward this month.


 24 July 2019  8m

Space weather: sunny with a chance of destruction

Solar activity could result in a rare and improbable event which could send civilisation back to the dark ages.


 26 June 2019  7m

Peak disruption - is the internet revolution almost over?

The likelihood of seeing a new Alphabet or Alibaba in the next decade is declining.


 19 June 2019  5m

The world may soon have only one time zone (and a new calender)

You may think that the time and date is unchanging, but it does change, and it might do so again.


 12 June 2019  10m

How to use machine learning

Machines can already do many tasks better than humans, so use them.


 05 June 2019  11m

Netflix is fighting a streaming war and we may get burned

As more streaming services create the impression of more competition, we may find it just means we all pay more for less.


 22 May 2019  11m

Making climate change easier to swallow

Veggie burgers are not new, but two companies are not just starting to make money, they are getting meat eaters to eat them.


 15 May 2019  10m

Business Unusual - Elections of the future

Elections require voting, but what will that look like in the next 25 years


 08 May 2019  7m

Happy Birthday YouTube, now grow up

YouTube is 14 and, like most 14-year-olds, it's going through some growing pains.


 24 April 2019  14m

President Cyril Ramaphosa wants to make coding compulsory in public schools

The President indicated he supports making a new mandatory subject to teach kids to code.


 17 April 2019  11m