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Every other week, Collin & Cindy (the "Boards", fans of more Euro-style games) and Chris & Philip (the "Swords", more thematic gamers) entertain the world of tabletop gaming with news, jokes, and the ongoing quest to find a game that they all will enjoy.

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Tips For Your First Board Game Convention! - Boards & Swords #136

We talk about conventions a lot on this show, but what if you have never been to a con before? We give some tips and suggestions on how to approach various types of board game conventions.NewsMinecraft: Builders & Biomes



Your Town, 5 Minute Marvel, Pantone - Boards & Swords #135

This week, Chris gets mad at a few of the news items, then we launch into a series of reviews: Your Town from Van Rider Games, 5 Minute Marvel from Spinmaster Games, and then Pantone from Cryptozoic Games. Then Chris runs the crew through the classic The



Shobu, Wooly Whammoth, Nova Open 2019 - Boards & Swords #134

Now that our multi-episode list is done, we get back to some news, some reviews, and Chris talking about some minis thing he went to.NewsThe Mind Extreme Azul With A Vengence https:


 17 September 2019  n/a

FunkoVerse, Catacombs, Next Level Game Recommendations, Part 3 - Boards & Swords #133

We finish up our list of games that you should try if you are tired of “gateway games” by looking at Roll & Writes and Dexterity Games. Plus a few other reviews thrown in at the top of the show!Email us your comments and questions at feedback@boardsa


 03 September 2019  n/a

Gen Con 2019 Recap - Boards & Swords #132

Ok so now it’s time for the recap episode for Gen Con. Hopefully you haven’t moved on to thinking about the next big thing, as Chris throws down some missed (?) news jokes, then he and Philip talk about what board games they saw.News Links:Ticket to Ride


 19 August 2019  n/a

Gen7, Gen Con 2019 Preview - Boards & Swords #131

Yes I (Chris) realize that Gen Con was last week, but I suck at planning out when our episodes drop. So in this episode, hear about what we thought were going to be of interest to us at Gen Con, then in the next episode you can hear what actually was pla


 07 August 2019  n/a

Seasons of Rice, Next Level Game Recommendations, Part 2 - Boards & Swords #130

A couple of thoughts on Dice Tower Con, a look at Button Shy’s new game Seasons of Rice, and we continue the conversation from the last episode - what games would we recommend in different categories for people who are tired of “entry” games like Ticket


 23 July 2019  n/a

Next Level Game Recommendations, Part 1 - Boards & Swords #129

For probably the first time ever, Philip brings us a good topic to discuss - what games would we recommend in different categories for people who are tired of “entry” games like Ticket to Ride and Catan?


 01 July 2019  n/a

Cartographers, Imhotep, Orleans: Trade and Intrigue - Boards & Swords #128

Once again, Collin and Cindy hold up the review section of our show with some content, while Chris tried a few games?


 13 June 2019  n/a

Gizmos, Newton, Ticket to Ride: France and Old West - Boards & Swords #127

Plenty of reviews to fill your ears with this week! Collin and Cindy are back from vacation, and the Origins awards were announced!


 29 May 2019  n/a