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Defining Moments (Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis)

Are cracks showing among Trump's GOP defenders? ... Matt: Trump has changed the conservative base ... Which GOP senators might vote to convict? ... Are Dems already screwing this up? ... Warren on the rise, Biden stagnant ... The political fallout from Bernie's heart attack ... Bill welcomes Matt to the Resistance ...



The New "New Republic" (Robert Wright & Chris Lehmann)

Chris steers The New Republic (back) to the left ... How Chris's Iowa childhood shaped his politics ... "This might be your great-grandfather's New Republic" ... Evaluating the Resistance ... Why Chris wishes Sherrod Brown was running for president ... The Iraq War and TNR's history of hawkish foreign policy ... Running a magazine of ideas in an online world ... Finding the right tone for the new TNR ...



Elizabeth Warren vs. Bernie Sanders (Noah Smith & Ben Burgis)

Is Elizabeth Warren a neoliberal? ... Why Noah likes Bernie's Medicare for All plan ... Is free college a good idea? ... The pros and cons of a wealth tax ... The fundamental economic changes Ben wants to see ... Venezuela and the failures of Latin American socialism ... Is Bernie's support about politics, ideology, or Bernie? ... On Warren's evolution from Republican to left populist ... Could DSA someday replace the Democratic Party? ...



The Dangers of Impeachment (Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis)

Is impeaching Trump smart politics? ... Comparisons to Clinton’s impeachment ... Bill: Trump seems unconcerned with his legacy ... Matt: Why are conservatives drinking Trump’s Kool-Aid? ... Would Trump’s failures stick to a President Pence? ... Biden’s fall vs. Warren’s rise ... Can Warren win over black voters? ...



Truth, Justice, and Racial Equality (Edmund Santurri & Glenn Loury)

What does it mean to be a black conservative? ... Why Glenn's views on affirmative action have shifted back and forth ... What happens if affirmative action is eliminated? ... Glenn critiques the idea of a "New Jim Crow" ... The case against reparations ... Feeling like the token black conservative ... Could reparations lead to a national spiritual renewal? ... Glenn takes questions from the audience ...



Ukrainegate and Impeachment (Robert Wright & Michael Tracey)

Michael: Ukrainegate flows out of Russiagate ... Are Democrats overinterpreting the evidence against Trump? ... Does it matter that the whistleblower is a CIA agent? ... Why this was the breaking point for House Dems ... Bob: Trump has inured us to a baseline level of corruption ... Would any other president have done this? ... Will impeachment wind up helping Trump? ... If Trump is gone, Pence could well win in 2020 ...



Is Cancel Culture Real? (Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Mellie Macker)

Mellie: Cancel culture is both real and fake ... Saturday Night Live's weird place in American culture ... Lenny Bruce was driven to his death but Louis CK is performing again ... Is cancellation just the market working itself out? ... Bret Stephens plays the Twitter martyr ... The Bagel Boss guy and other everyday malefactors who go viral ... Twitter libs try and fail to cancel Mellie ... Roy Cohn and the case for cancellation ...



The Long Southern Strategy (Robert Wright & Angie Maxwell)

Angie's new book, The Long Southern Strategy ... Angie: It wasn't inevitable that civil rights would become a wedge issue ... The Equal Rights Amendment, Phyllis Schlafly, and anti-feminist backlash ... The subtler replacements for overt racism and sexism ... How the Southern style of politics took over the GOP ... Abortion and the migration of Southern Baptists to the GOP ... Did Republicans take advantage of Billy Graham? ... Trump's failed party realignment .....



High-Energy Impeachment Edition (Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis)

Why Matt is in favor of impeachment ... Bill praises Pelosi's wait-and-see strategy ... Bill: Dems should be whispering to GOPers, "President Pence" ... Do Warren's big crowds matter? ... Poor Joe Biden just can't get good press ...



A Politics of Humility, Forgiveness, and Love (Glenn Loury & John Wood)

Is polarization a problem to be solved with "water or fire"? ... If Trump wins reelection, will national reconciliation be possible? ... How John's biography prepared him for this work ... Love thy political antagonist as thyself ... Marianne Williamson and the possibility of racial forgiveness ... Martin Luther King's legacy in today's black activist movements ... Glenn: Any movement for justice must be transracial ...