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Blind Bargains Qast 61: Couch Cushion Audio

This week BBQ Regular Shelly Brizbin is on the show, although she didn't know it until just now. That is because we found a CSUN interview not heard before in our earlier run of coverage. So, um, surprise? We also have a tip, "Sound Off" and a motivational link on one hand and a modded OS on the other. SponsorBlind Bargains audio coverage of CSUN 2016 is generously sponsored by the American Foundation for the Blind.


 08 May 2016  55m

Blind Bargains Qast 60: The Final Bar Code

Before we begin, we would like to thank our sponsor HIMS for their wonderful support of BBQ. To learn more about the lifestyle Innovations, from low vision to Braille, visit the HIMS Inc. website.This week Ricky and Joe provide a review of the I.D. mate Galaxy, the newest model in the popular I.D. mate Bar code Scanner line, from En-Vision America. We also have a Twitter tip, "Sound Off" and the opposite of "Inbox 0" in the "Last Word"...


 02 May 2016  1h8m

Blind Bargains Qast 59: Mystic Dream Fries

The news for the week might be a little lighter, however, that just allowed us to have more time to spend with our friends from mystic Access on all their various projects. A tip, "Sound Off" and the infamous "Last Word" round out this week's offerings. So sit back and relax while our BB Qast Team takes you on another A.T.journey of the mind. Oh, and don't forget you can do so using Google Play Music for Android or via the web...


 26 April 2016  58m

Blind Bargains Qast 58: The Ace Of Space

We're finally, and properly, back in the studio for a regular normal ordinary show this week. That isn't to say that our content is run of the mill however. We have Scott with a look at a new Amazon product, a tip for iOS, the Last Word" and more CSUN audio. no wait, um, we mean we have some last bit of CSUN audio from our sponsor HIMS up on the site this week. Namely, we have the first and second of their two CSUN presentations...


 15 April 2016  59m

#CSUN16 HIMS Session 2: Educating The Masses With Dave Wilkinson

Dave WIlkinson, in the second of two presentations from CSUN16, speaks to how Braille and Education go hand in hand in making a successful student. Listen as Dave demonstrates key features of the HIMS line of Braile Notetakers and Braille Displays. Then, he will talk about how math can be tamed in the classroom with Nemeth and HIMS products. To learn more about HIMS s Blindness solutions, visit the product directory page.
The Blind Bargains team would sincerely like to thank HIMS Inc...


 13 April 2016  36m

#CSUN16 HIMS Session 1: Going Places With GoVision

In this audio presentation from sunny San Diego, James McCarthy walks through the features of the newly released GoVision video magnifier. James answers questions along the way in this first of two CSUN HIMS events. If you would like to know more about GoVision, visit the product page at the HIMS website.The Blind Bargains team would sincerely like to thank HIMS Inc. for once again being a sponsor of the podcast.


 11 April 2016  40m

Blind Bargains Qast 57: #CSUN16 Wrap-up, The Year of Braille Cocktails

This year, Blind Bargains brought you more CSUN audio and coverage than ever before. We've called it the Year of Braille and our audio coverage proves it, with 13 of our podcasts talking about the bumpy dots. On episode 57, our CSUN podcast team, J.J. Meddaugh, Joe Steinkam, and Shelly Brisbin, discuss their highlights and lowlights of the conference as well as a few other stories that happened while the team was in San Diego...


 03 April 2016  1h42m

Blind Bargains Qast: #CSUN16 Interview Extra

The CSUN fun continues. In this episode, we feature a couple of CSUN interviews which were not released earlier, answer some listener mail, and introduce a hot new product from a familiar spokesperson. We hope you join us for this jam-packed show. CSUN InterviewsJ.J. talks with a familiar voice, Duxbury's Neal Kuniansky, who talks about some of the latest features of Duxbury. And yes, the much anticipated Mac version is discussed...


 01 April 2016  14m

#CSUN16 Audio: When Tactile Graphics and Android Tablets Collide

In this interview, Shelly talks with Lindsay Yazzolino, Tactile Test Administrator, and Steve Landau, owner of Touch Graphics, a company that is combining tactile maps with large Android tablets to create some very innovative talking maps. Already in use throughout the country, these maps could eventually connect with iBeacons to provide some truly unique wayfinding solutions...


 31 March 2016  16m

#CSUN16 Audio: Inside Vision Offers a New Twist On PC Tablet Technology for the Blind

In this audio, J.J. talks with Eric Vioche, Purchase Manager for Inside Vision, about the company's Windows 10 PC touch screen tablet that includes a 32-cell Braille display and a Perkins-style keyboard. Currently available in France, this unit will soon be available in the U.S. for around $7000.Find our conference coverage and weekly podcast on our audio page, and discover how to access our content from your mobile devices by visiting our apps page...


 31 March 2016  7m