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#NFB16 Audio: Life Is More than a Dream For Winston Chen Of VoiceDream

Winston Chen, Developer and Owner of VoiceDream, sits down with Chancey to talk about his award winning work in access. He was a recipient of an NFB Jacob Bolotin Award]( in the amount of $15,000. Winston describes his original design plans and his reaction to the Blind Community's adoption of his work. The interview concludes with a focus on VoiceDream Writer. To learn more about VoiceDream, visit the company s website...


 12 July 2016  13m

#ACB16 Audio: Accessorize Your Favorite Devices With Guide Lights And Gadgets

Barry Scheur gives joe an overview of his new leather cases line, part of the product lineup at Guide Lights and Gadgets. As Barry puts it, have you ever wanted a fanny pack for your notetaker?... But that is just the jumping off point for this look at the company s wares. Find out more, and join their mailing list, by venturing to the website.2016 summer convention coverage is generously sponsored by HIMS, Inc., makers of the Blaze ET, BrailleSense U2, and the GoVision...


 12 July 2016  9m

#NFB16 Audio: Duxbury Says Dot 1 Is For A And A is For Apple

Neal Kuniansky, Director of marketing and Sales for Duxbury Systems, chats with Chancey on the Exhibit Hall floor about DBT for Mac. Sporting Voiceover, refreshable Braille and UEB support, the program will be shipping shortly for those who have been eagerly awaiting the program s return to the Macintosh platform. The Windows edition also has an update coming that features support for the latest lines of Braille Embossers...


 12 July 2016  7m

#ACB16 Audio: Have Fun And Frolic With Triumph Technology

Earle Harrison didn t have to travel very far for this year s ACB 16 convention as Minneapolis is the home of Triumph Technology. And this home field advantage allowed Earle to go all out with a showcase of many of the company s products. From Braille Displays to Bluetooth speakers and musical instruments? Yep, hear Earle the musician during this look at what Triumph Technology has on hand. To learn more, or to contact the company, visit their website for a catalog of products...


 11 July 2016  6m

#NFB16 Audio: UEB And More Coming To The VarioUltra

David Bradburn, President of Baum USA, steps outside the Exhibit Hall to speak to Chancey about the upcoming update to the VarioUltra Braille Display. Also covered is the VisioBook and VisioDesk Video Magnifiers along with a discussion of Blind Tennis? Yep, you read that right. To learn more about the Vario, and other products offered by Baum USA, visit the website for more details.2016 summer convention coverage is generously sponsored by HIMS, Inc...


 11 July 2016  14m

#ACB16 Audio: A Future Image Of Kurzweil 1000

Our interview coverage for the year would not be complete if we didn t get a chance to talk with Kurzweil s Stephen Baum at one of the big events. And Joe managed to catch up with him at ACB to talk about a future release of version 15 in the long-running K1000 OCR series. While still in the early development stage, listen to the conversation as it moves from Windows 10 compatibility to a wish list for the next version for K1000...


 10 July 2016  29m

#NFB16 Audio: Transforming Braille With The American Printing House For The Blind

Larry Skutchan is someone who needs no introduction to anyone who has listened to our previous event coverage. However, it s the first time for Chancey to turn our microphones his way. And what a wonderful first time at the APH batter's box for her as Larry provides more information on the Orbit Research Braille Display, a talking tactile map, the Smart Brailler and the Joy Player...


 10 July 2016  9m

Blind Bargains Qast 67: Flip of a one-sided Coin

This week's show is way shorter than last week's show. However, we didn't skimp on the content because the news section is back in force. And we have our A T Guys Product Showcase on hand for those of you who are heading to the ACB or NFB national Conventions. Even if you aren't going to either convention, take a listen to the showcase and stick to our feed for convention coverage this July. In The News:Nv-Access releases NVDA 2016.2...


 27 June 2016  1h11m

Blind Bargains Qast 66: Far Flung Future Stuff

Ok, we'll say this right up front, with Apple mania and a huge AT buyout, this show took a bit of time to produce because there was so much to cover this week. We even brought in Mike Doise to help us sort it all out. plus, if that wasn't enough, we have a demo of a new Bluetooth keyboard from A T Guys as well. Throw in a tip, "Sound Off" and "Last Word". no more complaints for a few weeks about a slow news week. Because this one is going to be epic!Sponsor: HIMS Inc...


 20 June 2016  1h51m

Blind Bargains Qast 65: Copyright MMXVI

Two episodes and two Android-based hardware reviews. Yep, we wanted to balance the scales before the Apple WWDC round up episode next week. We also have a tip, another large complement of comments in "Sound Off" and a "Last Word" that inadvertently ended up being recorded in two parts. That just seems to be the dualistic nature of the odd-numbered episode 65...


 10 June 2016  1h14m